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"Hercules" rocket Long March five Tianjin sailing to Wenchang launch site – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, August 26 (reporter Bai Guolong) reporter from the national defense science and Industry Bureau, National Space Bureau, China’s largest thrust new generation carrier rocket Long March five on the morning of 26 from Tianjin to Hong Kong Kai hang, the Yuanwang rocket transport fleet to Hainan Wenchang spaceport, scheduled to choose the implementation before the end of the first flight mission. Long march five is currently China’s largest carrying capacity of a new generation of rocket, the rocket body support structure, and a new design of electrical transmission system, the use of non-toxic liquid liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen kerosene as the propellant. The rocket core diameter of 5 meters, 3.35 meters in diameter bundled 4 boosters, multiple engine and LOX / kerosene engine, takeoff thrust of more than 1000 tons. The national defense science and Industry Bureau, deputy director of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Wu Yanhua, long march five is the milepost upgrading of our rocket and an important symbol of the realization of China’s liquid rocket diameter from 3.35 meters to 5 meters across, will be able to enhance our ability to enter the space by more than 2.5 times, can achieve low earth orbit launch capacity of 25 tons, the earth synchronous transfer orbit carrying capacity of 14 tons, will undertake the following three lunar exploration, the manned space station for the first time, Mars and other major national science and technology project launch multiple task. It is reported that the long march rocket number five project developed in 2006 approved by the State Council, the national defense science and Industry Bureau is responsible for organizing the implementation of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation owned China carrier rocket technology research institute, grasp the overall development. According to the development of aerospace, power first "principle, in 2000 launched the first 120 tons and 50 tons of liquid oxygen kerosene engine liquid rocket engine development research. After sixteen years of hard work, long march five has completed all the key technologies, nearly 7000 times more than 1000 ground test and launch occasion to practice, with the launch conditions.相关的主题文章: