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Henan Xinxiang farmers 150 thousand jins of melon unmarketable   low to 10 Fen – Finance – people.com.cn No one shows any interest in the original title: Henan Xinxiang farmers 150 thousand jins of melon unmarketable as low as 10 Fen No one shows any interest in due to the limited space, the villagers will pick the melon placed in the courtyard of the ground. Wang Qiulan perturbation due to the limited space, the villagers will pick the melon placed in the yard beside the path. Wang Qiulan photo Beijing, Xinxiang (Wang Qiulan) in October 7, autumn is a harvest season, is also a season full of hope, although this year the melon planted good color, large size, high yield, but in Yuanyang County of Henan Province Li Di Cun village in terms of poverty but also how happy, 150 thousand pounds of melon the market became a big problem in their hearts. Li Di Cun first secretary Cao Fuping told reporters, although the price has been as low as 10 Fen, but still no one is willing to come to buy. According to reports, Li Di Cun planting melon village a total of 7 households, of which 6 households belonging to poor families, these families not only small courtyard, but also very simple, since the house is very small, most people will pick the melon on the outside. After 10 days, affected by the temperature, which is placed in the outer melon may slowly decay, if longer words, these poor villagers planted melon face down the drain dilemma. Lou Yanhai is a 65 year old Li Di Cun a poor villagers, is more of a melon planting households, only his own melon have more than 40 thousand pounds. On the afternoon of 7, during the interview, Lou Yanhai told reporters that, because of the small house, the home space is limited, the site is also very limited, so a part he picked melon was placed in the yard, placed in a part of the yard next to the wall beside the path, there is a part of melon on farm vehicles borrowed the. Reporters also noted that the white gourd and without any obstructions to cover, the lower the melon no laying any items. If it’s raining weather, the melon will be affected in different degrees. Lou Yanhai has planted nearly four acres of melon, is also the first year of planting, seedling is 25 kilometers away from the village he bought from the outside, each tree seedlings was 50 Fen, bought a total of more than and 600 trees, plus fertilizers and pesticides, herbicides and so on is not a small investment. He reluctantly said, if you want to keep the cost per kilogram of sales to 10 Fen Wucai can, but now it seems that the market price is less than 15 Fen, now not just income guaranteed, otherwise this year’s hard is naught. Some time ago there was a peddler came here to acquire melon, the premise is I want to specify where he melon, but also let us hire drivers, hire drivers also pay, so under the condition of 4 cents a pound, they also don’t want to." Bring home nearly forty thousand pounds of white gourd, Lou Yanhai sighed deeply and said, now full filled with melon, looked at the yard full of tens of thousands of pounds of white gourd suffer great agonies of the mind doesn’t know what to do, good. The 48 year old Liu Xiangde is a typical village of poor households, and two daughters and his sisters, the eldest daughter is sixteen years old, at present)相关的主题文章: