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"Hello" madman "Crazy" Chengdu Li Hongchen blew from the shock – Beijing cast are interactive games and students in Colleges and universities. Zhong Xin photo Beijing, November 14 Chengdu Xinhua (reporter He Xi) by the same name adapted drama, directed by Xiaozhi Rao, Yiwei Zhou, Wang Zijian, Wan Qian, Jin Shijie starred in the comedy film "Hello absurd madman" is slated for a December 9th release. November 14th, director Rao Xiaozhi starred in the debut of the Sichuan film and Television Institute of, the first stop on the national crazy love campus line, interact with college students, sincerity, triggering a warm response. In recent years, adapted into a drama film seems to have become a trend, shortly before the "donkey" fun twist water aggressively once again led the audience for the drama film adaptation of attention and popularity. The Chinese drama gold medal director Rao Xiaozhi will "Hello madman" from the theater to the big screen, will bring hitherto unknown viewing experience for the audience. The movie "Hello madman" tells the story of seven people be strangers to each other in the case of unprepared was locked up in a mental hospital, they are forced to encounter various benign and crazy behavior. Seven people to escape from the asylum to exhaust all the skills was a ridiculous, absurd things in an asylum…… As a fusion of fantasy, suspense and other elements of black humor comedy, "Hello madman" to the joy of the way the irony of the absurd reality. Not only the story of burning brain, several powerful actor acting reputation burst. Many viewers also believe that "Hello madman" in the discussion of human nature than the donkey water more depth, and has a more mature film texture. The scene in the campus activities, admiring students enthusiasm, the stadium was crowded around, after the video communication and creative atmosphere, on stage have been saying exposed, applause and laughter. Director Rao Xiaozhi is also on the scene to share their creative ideas and ideas. Asked about the difference between film and drama, Rao Xiaozhi revealed that the film version of Hello madman abandoned some of the drama stage things, adding a lot of elements with a sense of the film. Rao Xiaozhi said: "the film is a journey for me, drama is home." When asked whether there will be stage inertia, he admitted: This is my favorite style, rather than inertia thinking, I respect the film, but I hope to have their own brand." It is worth mentioning that, in the film as a taxi driver Li Hongchen acting is also the strength of the online, many people are impressed with him and Yiwei Zhou, gunpowder full opponent play. Although in the film plays the role of temper, but in reality Li Hongchen is quite reserved, he was the scene of many sister called men of god". As the only one appeared in the original drama actor, the first appeared in the film Hongchen Li ridicule he grew up in "madman" to prepare for you, since I was very young when exposed to a shock, the audience attracted a burst of laughter. "Share" finally, three creative and lucky audience on stage to imitate in evolution, Avalokitesvara classic plot, again a fiery atmosphere. (end)相关的主题文章: