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Hello, do you have a courier please sign for the parcel post – Sohu car so much, but no one is yourself? Don’t be disappointed, perhaps lucky you will harvest a good gift of heart are ready for the connoisseur, the lottery? ? the first prize winner (two): ID: 0:59 Knight knight from Dongfeng Peugeot from low speed state active cruise control, can add key to adjust the speed to reduce fuel consumption. Thank you for sharing tips Oh ~ ID: shore blind detection, this feature I would like very much. Security is no small matter, Dongfeng Peugeot do very well on this point. Two prize winner (three): ID: Shawshank old drivers: Uncle Uncle share lower temperature should pay attention to replace the low viscosity oil, do not use water instead of antifreeze ~ ID: Pisces winter travel, regularly check the tire cleaning can not forget! Dongfeng Peugeot direct tire pressure monitoring, so that travel more secure. ID: on behalf of the moon to destroy your favorite TA red LED lion tail lights, is definitely a beautiful landscape in the dark! Three prize winner (five): ID: hiss like rainy day Dongfeng Peugeot to enjoy the music of Teresa Teng, JBL® the 10 channel HiFi hi fi let me enjoy music feast all the way. ID: Yang Xia winter sitting in the Dongfeng Peugeot Nappa leather enjoy the seat, the driver’s waist electric massage + four heating function, is a kind of quality! ID: coffee tree replacement winter special antifreeze glass of water, do not worry the winter wiper frozen not spray water! ID: his 5 years of companionship, love is the most beautiful Dongfeng Peugeot T+STT in the city freely galloping surging power. ID: Optimus Prime winter travel remember to keep the battery power is sufficient, can let the normal operation of the engine start. Do you remember all the knowledge points?相关的主题文章: