Hefei old man lost his family by train told police that he came back-dataload

Hefei old train lost family told police said let him come back to Hefei by train lost family members to inform the police of the elderly: let him come back according to the Hefei evening news sixty old man train alone lost contact with their families to help the police, the police, but was told to buy tickets for the old people directly on the car on the line, even the bus fare. Transfer to the police. Don’t trust the police all the way to the elderly will be sent back to Hefei, the family still calls the busy work, busy station, let the old man ride home alone. The day before, the Jingxian raliway station police station received passengers Wu for help, he is 65 years old this year with a Hefei train ticket to Feidong, I do not know why they took the wrong bus, in Jingxian County under the car, can not find the way home, desperation had to the police for help, "the old man and sometimes clear and sometimes not clear. Just rambling hungry." Hearing this, the police rushed to buy food. While the old wolf Kung Fu, the police found his identity card number from carrying the old card, and according to the number to contact the residence of amber police station, then contact the elderly family, "wanted to let the family quickly to take him home, after all, older, in the event of an accident is not good." Police told reporters, however, get a reply but let the police dumbfounded. The family said the work is busy, no time to pick up, let us give the old man to buy a train ticket back to Hefei on the line." Police said that at the beginning, they thought the old man’s family and he had a contradiction, do not want to hang up the phone after another, to the police turned 100 yuan, so that the police to help buy a ticket, and when it comes to the station will pick up. In desperation, the police had to follow the line. Fortunately, there are other police just to fat travel, in order to facilitate the care, specially two times in advance, and the elderly with the car. When the train arrived at the station, the police once again call the elderly children’s phone, did not expect that, said the phone was busy in the past, so that the elderly themselves by bus." Police told reporters, fortunately, at this time the old man is still relatively sober, but the police had no choice but to send the old man on the bus, a warning to leave.相关的主题文章: