Hebei this year, we must implement 11 Huimin real estate deadline to be addressed www.9999mp.com

This year, Hebei must implement 11 Huimin practical deadline to resolve to the public in the provincial organ style rectification, Hebei provincial units outstanding problems of the masses relatively strong, lists a large number of people to see and feel the things to resolve. We choose 11 Huimin practical, key tasks should be completed by 2016, as the credit supervision, the deadline to resolve, and be publicized. 1, the implementation of the poverty line and the poverty line "two in one" to solve the inconsistent, rural minimum standard and standard of poverty alleviation in Hebei province is lower than the poverty line of the poverty line, continue to improve the rural minimum living standard. By the end of 2016, the province’s rural minimum living standard average reached 2900 yuan, the county (city, district) rural residents average compensation standards shall not be less than 150 yuan, and gradually realize the rural minimum living standard and increase poverty alleviation standard. At the same time, the province’s township (street) 100% set up social assistance received a platform, the masses in case of accident, life suddenly in trouble, to the township (street) social assistance to apply for the admissibility of the window directly for help. The responsible department: Provincial Civil Affairs Department 2, the implementation of rural e-commerce to promote full coverage of rural e-commerce has achieved initial success in solving the rural buy and sell, business income, poverty alleviation and development, and constantly improve the quality of life of farmers and the income level. By the end of 2016, the basic realization of the county’s rural e-commerce system in rural areas full coverage, full coverage of rural e-commerce two-way distribution channels, full coverage of e-commerce applications in the administrative village. The responsible departments: Department of Commerce 3, open up financial poverty alleviation Easy Access in the province to implement the initiative of the government set up the stage, the bank reduced interest rates, loans, household enterprises sill guarantee loans for poverty alleviation mode to reveal all the details of insurance. The establishment of county rural financial services network three, so that the poor people enjoy convenient, low-cost financial services. The willingness to lend and have the ability of production and management, in accordance with the conditions of the poor households filing riser, can apply for 50 thousand yuan within 3 years of poverty alleviation microfinance, free warranty, free of charge; to the main business driven by poor households development of family farms, farmers’ cooperatives and other markets, can apply for loans to industrial development, according to the number and income the situation of the poor, to obtain differentiated financial support. The responsible department: provincial finance office, 4 funded students from poor families filing cards work of well funded students participatory poverty families, formulated relevant policies, contents and procedures, timely clear funding conditions; the basic situation of participatory poverty students to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic and statistical procedures, by the "two committees" of the village cadres, the village first secretary according to the relevant provisions of the specific organization and implementation of participatory poverty identification work, public publicity results, accurate statistics of school-age children; by the end of 2016, in the province of public high school, secondary school, occupation college (excluding the independent college) school, has a full-time academic education enrollment officially registered in our province, participatory poverty students all enjoy free tuition, accommodation fees, provide free textbooks policy Support。 Responsibilities: Provincial Department of education 5, to solve the migration of migrant workers相关的主题文章: