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Hebei 5 year old boy fell about 60 excavator rescue rescue scene – public channel. Volunteers for the morning of November 6th, Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh Changcun a 6 year old boy accidentally dropped a depth of about 40 meters. Lixian County County Propaganda Department official told reporters in the afternoon of November 7th, Lixian County county leaders at the scene, there are currently 60 mining machinery in the rescue work continued, still need long arm excavator. The evening of November 6th, a help information circle of friends in Lixian County for heat transfer, information display, Lixian County Changcun Meng, a child accidentally fell into the well 40 meters, has opened more than 20 meters, need long arm excavator and truck. The child’s father Lee told reporters, children in kindergarten just follow him to Chinese cabbage in the ground when accidentally dropped a dry well, see the child fell into the well, he wrote the extremely anxious to help information in a circle of friends, friends after being forwarded caused heat transfer network. Lixian County County Propaganda Department official said that at present there are about more than and 60 excavator machinery in the rescue. 6 evening, Lixian County county leaders and other leaders went to the scene directing rescue, at the same time, Lixian County fire, blue sky rescue and spontaneous organization of love volunteers also bring advanced equipment to the scene, into the rescue. Mr. Li said, the staff did not stop digging work all night, children fall dry, keep to the underground oxygen, the rescue work has not stopped. The staff from 6 pm to 7 PM has been busy, drivers are too tired, will now need to open excavator drivers. Informed sources provide a video display, a plurality of excavator in digging operations, the scene there are many police and fire personnel to assist in the work, have been poached in most of the surrounding soil, dry video display, firefighters are rescue work well. Lixian County County Propaganda Department official told reporters on November 7th at 3:45 in the afternoon, as of 2 pm, the well was dug 27 meters, but due to the increase in mining development difficulty, dry rescue work has become increasingly difficult, need long arm excavator, pull soil machine. Source: surging news相关的主题文章: