Haze to death Haze days how to make the car more healthy air-doat

Haze to death? How to let the haze days in car air more healthy as we all know, the main formation of haze days is the interaction of particles suspended in the air and weather conditions which result in the human respiratory tract after inhalation of haze on the human body is harmful, long-term inhalation of severe cases can cause death. Therefore, the haze days drove out, how to reduce and avoid the inhalation of haze is particularly important. The following are a few haze days arrangement travel tips: a few windows windows out of the haze days, the owner must open the window as little as possible possible, because the car as a relatively closed environment, in the window of the state, the number of pollutants into the car will be greatly reduced. Two, air filter upgrade as the saying goes, to do good work must first sharpen his tools. Anti fog and haze is the same, want to let the car air conditioning equipment as far as possible to filter out harmful pollutants outside the car, you must choose a better air filter. Three, the open loop air conditioning air exchange channels inside and outside the car, encountered fog and haze, air conditioning will be timely switch to the inner loop mode, so the inside air becomes a closed cycle, to a certain extent can reduce the pollutants into the outside world. At the same time, it can also reduce the concentration of suspended particulate matter in the vehicle by using the filtering function of the internal circulation. Four, regular cleaning and maintenance of the engine intake air filter and air filter in a polluted environment will absorb a lot of impurities, dirt, dirt too much in the filter will not only reduce the intake efficiency, resulting in the loss of engine power, air volume is insufficient, more terrible is the consequence of the accumulation of dirt in the filter on the breeding ground for bacteria or the smell of mildew, caused by air conditioning, not only affects the ride comfort, and is also a threat to health. As a result, the car is mainly regular cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning. Five, the use of air purification supplies, in addition, the owners can choose to buy some car purifier. Currently on the market for the car purifier filter of PM2.5 fine particles are the main effective air purifier filter inside the car and the negative oxygen ion type purifier, the owner can choose the suitable air purifier according to their actual situation.相关的主题文章: