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[to] Honolulu tourism Hawaii tourism popular restaurant Specials – I do not know whether we travel Sohu with small series, and the most concern is what delicious local. If you go out to travel, eat well, Xiao Bian mood will be very poor, eat well, you can maintain a good mood all day. In front of Hawaii introduced several islands to play the Raiders, but is not the delicacy (~ ~?)? Of course not small careless to forget such an important thing, of course is to find a topic to talk in detail! Well, nonsense not say, small to give you to introduce Hawaii chowhound Oahu, Honolulu (Honolulu) a popular restaurant, remember to take their own slobber ha ~ (in addition, want to know the Oahu play the Raiders, please stamp the following article History) [Hawaii] the Oahu tourism Raiders. Do you know (1) [] of the Oahu Hawaii tourism Raiders you know (2), The Pineapple Room Pineapple Chinese mean pineapple, so small it will be called pineapple house, that sounds familiar, is definitely not a small series of English is not good (???) this restaurant flagship the characteristics of Hawaii creative cuisine, combines the characteristics of Western Hawaii, the traditional cuisine Locomoco (eggs and meat in the Steamed Rice sun cover, and then poured the sauce flavor) improved after innovation, become the restaurant Popular food. When it comes to mention his pineapple house, home of the boss, but rather a backing, is Hawaii local star chef Alan Wong, the Hawaii islands will be held every year a large wine feast (Hawaii Food delicacy & Wine Festival), which he co sponsored with another star chef Roy Yamaguchi. Address: 1450 Ala Moana Blvd Macy’s Third Level Honolulu, HI 96814 Business Hours: breakfast, Saturday brunch on Sunday all day long, 8:00-10:30; 9:00-15:00; 11:00-15:00 Monday lunch, Tuesday to Saturday, Monday to Saturday dinner, 11:00-16:00; 16:00-20:30 per capita: another Hawaii 50 star chef knife around two Eating, 1849 House of the store founder Roy Yamaguchi is a small part of the above. Born in Tokyo, Roy, can see his cuisine is a Japanese style. He is also a great achievement in the innovation of Hawaii’s traditional dishes, called Hawaii flavor delicacy creator, like Poki Locomoco, these traditional dishes, not only retain their original characteristics, and more so that they exhibit novel taste, such innovation is successful, no wonder all became the store’s signature dishes. Address: International Market Place 2330 Kalaka delete相关的主题文章: