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Haven’t started selling broken two, millet Mix under the beautiful appearance of a fragile glass heart – Sohu released millet technology in the conference before the millet Mix, front head almost completely robbed the day of the conference millet protagonist Note 2, up to 91.3% the proportion of the screen, plus the ceramic body mobile phone attracted a considerable number of people note. However, the limited release of this phone, and, if you have millet Mix, I am afraid to spend more care about it. A few days ago, Hangzhou millet home accident, when a consumer in the home with millet millet Mix show, accidentally fell in the hands of millet Mix, and millet Mix big screen immediately broken, then the display screen two line, the edges of the cracked body. This accident is not clear how high the consumer fell from the height, so it may not be able to judge how fragile millet Mix. However, the accident occurred during the foreign media PhoneRadar test, there is more accurate data. They took the suction on the back of the mobile phone sitting on a desktop box test, the test results during accidentally sucker loose, so the mobile phone fell, had a similar fragmentation accident. And how high is this height? It is estimated to be less than a foot high, about 30 centimeters in height. What is the result of a 30 cm height drop? There are two pictures can refer to: we can find that the two unexpected drop point is in the corner, the original mobile phone is the most vulnerable place is the edge of the 4 corners. But why millet Mix so easy to fall accident? May be related to the ceramic body, because the body of the ceramic material has been sliding, the sucker may also be difficult to firmly adsorbed on the top. (by T off state authorized reprint; first figure source: millet) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: