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Happy monkey: what constellation after marriage is positive energy Angel (Photos) Gemini marriage is full of positive energy fifth: Gemini: positive energy convergence and love travel together, create more memories sharp thinking, innovative spirit and strong Gemini TA, inject positive energy for marriage ideas may be more to go! But the brightest idea is to travel with your loved ones and create more memories with TA! The reason is because the boring life is never a Gemini disdain, because they are longing for freedom, the pursuit of wonderful and desire in the wider world, and love travel, to launch a grand adventure! In the journey, vision was to develop, knowledge is extended, a wonderful journey, not only in each other’s life imprint left a good memory, but also have more links, but also means a challenge again (on some setbacks in marriage will go through the sail)! So, more rough Gemini will be lovers of trials and hardships, with such conviction backing, fear not "positive energy marriage spokesperson"! [Gemini] [Pisces]相关的主题文章: