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After the second season of Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City flowers bloom to see friends quickly Qianjiang Century City Summit, a piece of beautiful flowers into the hearts of the tourists "net red", the two weekend of the past, every day there are thirty or forty buses carrying tourists come to. Flowers for Zhao Bo said, now is the season of bloom is the most exuberant, especially lovers love here, girls in the flowers put all kinds of pose, the boys kept pressing the shutter, just pat is beautiful photos. In March of this year, here as an area of 1350 acres of flowers plots, planted flowers in the first quarter, the main varieties of poppy, calliopsis, chrysanthemum flowers. At the beginning of June, the first quarter of all get rid of perianth, sow seeds under season two, a variety of Zinnia elegans. Zhao Bo said: "now the flowers are sown in the second quarter, calliopsis Zinnia and peacock grass, supplemented by flowers, there are 7 kinds of colors, colorful, good to hear or see. Cosmos, Zinnia is very resistant to growth, to overcome the bad conditions of strong typhoon, recently they are not much affected. During the summit because the weather is hot, the flowers need more manpower to maintenance, maintenance work are watering and weeding, the recent cool weather, frequent rainfall, does not need too many people to take care of." According to reports, this season of flowers can open around November, after will adopt a new optimal solution, not all flowers, but also in some seasonal variety of grass, in order to reduce cost. Therefore, this piece of land has not seen the Qianjiang century city friends to seize the time, now in full bloom, hastened to see an invigorating autumn climate. This piece of land was some social engineering sheds, desolate and a small part of the farmland, a big change is the place after the flowers. From the Metro Line 2 Goodrich Road, Qianjiang Century City station, to the Olympic Sports Center will be able to see the direction. In addition, at a distance of five hundred or six hundred meters where there are flowers of a beauty – Qianjiang Century City Riverside Landscape Park, is currently in the final stage. However, running along the river road has been opened, 4 km long, width of 6.15 meters, from the color asphalt shop. When dusk falls, a colorful lights along with light up, dreamy.相关的主题文章: