Halloween early-warning! Super thrilling Thomas soda-chompoo araya

Halloween early-warning! The super frightening Thomas soda sugar is Halloween tomorrow (October 31st). Many of the partners who are still worried about how to sculpt can refer to today’s Penguin’s "Thomas soda sugar" outer packaging. The fright rate was 100%. "Thomas soda" is a snack in Japan, which basically doesn’t have much to eat. The problem is that the outer packing Thomas the train on the face, just a little look at people a little creepy feeling. The more horror is that the people of the island have made full use of the gifted people, and applied the "Thomas thriller" of the outer packaging to all aspects. Ann went to his watch, put two lollipop in his eyes, and the boring student helped Thomas get a paper doll to make a big change. However, the most thriller should be to use software to P the face of Thomas to his face, very suitable for Halloween night to make a circle of friends. Some netizens comment on this model as Edward ·, a Norway painter, and Monck’s famous "scream". Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works