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Haitong financial rating data: real estate bubble is still growing eyeful of monetary and credit mortgage rebounded in August — still eyeful mortgage financial data review data chart. The central bank announced in September 14th August 2016 financial statistics: August new financial agency 1 trillion and 470 billion, compared to July rebounded nearly trillion, an increase of 360 billion; M2 10.2% last month rose to 11.4%; 948 billion 700 million month increase in loans of financial institutions, more than nearly 500 billion, an increase of 139 billion 100 million. Our view is that monetary and credit recovery, eyeful is still home. A substantial rise in social finance. In August the total number of new social capital 1 trillion and 470 billion, compared to nearly $1 trillion in July, an increase of more than 360 billion. The 796 billion 900 million new loans to the entity, an increase of 21 billion 300 million; balance sheet financing, trust loans and the chain are relatively stable, Bill supervision leads to non discounted bills reduced by 37 billion 700 million, a decline narrowed sharply; the net issuance of corporate bonds rose to 330 billion 600 million, an increase of 18 billion 500 million. Credit and bond issuance rose, the decline in the bill is the main reason for the decline in social financing. Mortgage contributions, corporate credit is still weak. August new loans to financial institutions seasonally rebounded to 948 billion 700 million, the chain increased by nearly 500 billion, an increase of more than 139 billion 100 million. Among the residents of 528 billion 600 million new loans, showing real estate fiery, mortgage high growth, the largest contribution to credit. Non residents in long-term loans decreased by 8 billion, an increase of less than, the local debt issuance soared to more than 800 billion in August, the debt replacement for a greater impact on the credit, and the economic downturn, weak demand for financing on corporate credit also drag. M2 growth picked up, M1 is still high. August M2 rebounded from last month’s 10.2% to $11.4%, mainly due to the recovery of credit, Financial deposits and the impact of the base. The month of RMB deposits increased by 1 trillion and 780 billion, an increase of more than 1 trillion and 720 billion, of which the seasonal decrease in fiscal deposits by, corporate deposits increased from minus to $1 trillion and 380 billion, an increase of household deposits by 413 billion 200 million. In August M1 growth rate remains high at 25.3%, reflecting the real estate sales hot, enterprise capital is abundant, and the economic downturn will make the investment weak liquidity trap. Neutral monetary policy. The central bank has restarted 14 days, reverse repurchase operations for the 28 day, and did not drop quasi, means that the loose monetary policy short-term delay. The current expansion of the real estate bubble, the Fed rate hike is still high at the end of the year, are relaxed monetary policy constraints, so the short-term should be based on risk prevention. But in August, a significant decline in inflation means that there is no room for tightening policy, monetary policy is expected to remain neutral in the future, the short term is difficult to loose tight. Wary of the real estate bubble, financial successor weak. In August the economy booming demand and supply, but the establishment of stable rebound in real estate sales, investment in infrastructure based on force. But in August residents are still as high as 528 billion 600 million, an increase of nearly 1 times over the same period last year, accounting for the proportion of the real economy in the month of loans of about $23, the real estate bubble intensified, the presence of the risk of future collapse at any time in the future. Government revenue fell, spending increased, and local debt issuance has been discussed相关的主题文章: