Haiti hurricane death toll increased to 842 United Nations Emergency Relief magicq

Haiti, the United States and other countries to increase the number of deaths in the United Nations and other emergency rescue – October 8, according to foreign media reports, Haiti hit by hurricanes, the death toll has surged to 842 people. To this end, the United States sent a warship and 300 navy to participate in the rescue, France also sent a total of 60 soldiers and emergency relief supplies rushed to the disaster areas in Haiti. According to reports, hurricane Matthew recently in the United States of Florida along the coast of the Atlantic advance to the north, three U.S. states to prevent hurricane alert. United Nations agencies to provide emergency assistance to Haiti. The U.S. Department of defense recently announced that the United States has sent a warship and 300 Marines to Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, Haiti to participate in the emergency rescue. U.S. Defense Department said that the ship and military personnel will strengthen the United States in the local rescue deployment. Currently, there are 250 U.S. soldiers and helicopters to rescue the disaster area in Haiti, 9. The day before the French presidential palace also said that France is also urgent to the disaster areas in Haiti sent 60 soldiers and security of 32 tons of relief supplies. The Elysee Palace a statement pointed out that President Hollande hopes the French emergency mobilization, with European partners and the international community, Haiti to participate in rescue operations. The announcement also said that the most urgent is to provide drinking water to the disaster area, and to prevent the outbreak of cholera. France provides two water purification devices in the relief supplies. It is understood that hurricane Matthew caused significant damage in Haiti, the rapid increase in the number of deaths. According to Reuters quoted local officials as saying that 842 people have been killed, tens of thousands of people homeless, farmland is also severely damaged. Information about remote areas that had previously been cut off by the storm came from behind, and at least 175 people died in the mountains and on the West coast. The number of deaths caused by hurricane disaster continues to rise, but Haiti’s government agencies and committees have announced the death toll. Reuters from the local civil defense officials confirmed the deaths of 842 people have been killed. In addition, the morning of Hurricane Matthew 7 pm EST in Florida along the coast of the Atlantic advance to the north, Florida caused 600 thousand households off, authorities warn of danger has not yet ended, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina coast guard three is still in the range required to prevent heavy rain. Matthew is now 3 for Hurricane Georgia, more than 500 thousand people have been evacuated. The reporter said the World Meteorological Organization Conference in Geneva, according to the current track, hurricane Matthew will not hit the front Florida, but a few days wandering in the coastal areas. Potential floods caused by heavy rains will bring risks to the coastal areas. In addition, the United Nations agencies to mobilize emergency response to Haiti and the Caribbean by Hurricane Matthew affected areas to provide assistance. The United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said on Friday that hurricane Matthew had a serious impact on Southern Haiti. According to the Haiti government, there are 350 thousand people in urgent need of emergency humanitarian assistance. At the same time, the United Nations Office for the coordination of humanitarian, WFP, UNICEF, the WHO, the international organization for migration, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and other United Nations agencies and international aid organizations.相关的主题文章: