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Hair tattoo smoking 17 year old girl clubbing each learn to do hair, tattoos, smoking, clubbing…… 17 – year – old girls learn to do everything and still fail to get their parents’ attention and even want to commit suicide. After two hours of being accompanied by a psychologist, she was able to dispel the idea of suicide. Xiaoshan, 17 years old, has been living in a mother’s friend’s house. He sees three happy lives in his family every day. His parents seldom contact her. According to Xiaoshan, her parents divorced when she was 5 years old, and her mother went out to do business, and her father was honest and introverted. Then they formed a new family respectively. She followed her mother. Mother did a lot of business, and basically did not have time to control her. She lived in other people’s house from childhood. Although they were very good to herself, she felt unhappy. In order to attract the attention of his mother, she began to learn to follow others’ bad ‘, smoking, clubbing, skipping and so on, the results were disastrous, even so, still say I don’t have time for her mother, she is really unbearable, even thought Dutch act, and later came to Wuhan Wuchang city hospital outpatient psychological. Luo Ruqin, a psychiatric director of the visiting department, found that Xiaoshan is in a state of depression at present, and has not yet developed into depression. Positive psychological counseling is very effective. First of all, she must learn to use the right way to express love, love trouble children will only give parents more negative emotions; secondly, let her know about myself as a soon to be adults need to take family and social responsibility; finally, once the bad mood will be unable to communicate and family. Timely and psychological experts to communicate. Luo director, senior high school students’ psychological problems are more likely to appear in the superior family of children, parents only meet the material needs, rarely change their inner relationship, long time psychological distortion, depression will lead to the occurrence of mental illness, caused a lot of obstacles for children to life after. Parents should pay more attention to the healthy psychology of the children, not the too material life. (journalist Yu Lijuan correspondent Shi Weiwei)

染头发纹身抽烟泡吧 17岁女孩每样都学着做染头发、纹身、抽烟、泡吧 ……17岁女孩每样都学着做,依然没能得到家长的关注,甚至想自杀。心理医生陪伴了两个小时后,她这才打消了自杀的念头。今年 17 岁的小珊,一直寄居在妈妈的朋友家,每天回去看到的是别人一家三口幸福的生活,自己的父母很少联系她。据小珊介绍,父母在她 5 岁时就离异了,母亲在外做生意,父亲性格老实内向,之后他们分别组成了新的家庭,她跟着母亲。母亲生意做得很大,基本上没时间管她,她从小寄居在别人家里,虽然他们对自己很好,但是她觉得不快乐。为了引起母亲的注意,她开始跟着别人学 " 坏 ",抽烟、泡吧、逃课等等,成绩也一落千丈,即便这样,母亲依然说没时间管她,她实在是忍受不了,甚至想到自杀,后来来到武汉市武昌医院心理门诊。接诊的精神科主任罗汝琴检查发现,小珊目前处于抑郁状态,还没有发展为抑郁症,积极正面的心理疏导是非常有效的。首先,她要学会用正确的方式表达所需要的关爱,爱惹麻烦的小孩只会给家长带来更多的负面情绪;其次,让她了解到自己作为一个即将成为成年人需要承担的家庭和社会责任;最后就是,一旦出现不良情绪无法和家人沟通时,应及时和心理专家进行沟通。罗主任介绍,高中生的心理问题更容易出现在家境优越的孩子身上,家长一味的满足物质上的需求,极少关系他们内心的变化,长时间心理扭曲、情绪压抑会导致一些精神疾病的发生,对孩子以后的生活造成诸多障碍。家长应更重视孩子健康的心理,而非过于物质的生活。(记者于丽娟 通讯员史威韡)相关的主题文章: