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H1B visa application is difficult for Chinese people to change investment immigration, for green card or visa, many Chinese are suffering. Wu Lu, a Chinese in Oakland, said on the 12 day that she had decided to resign and deal with the investment immigration because he felt that the work visa H1B was far away. (the "world news" / Liu Xianjin photography) according to the U.S. "world news" reported that the Oakland Chinese Wu Lu said 12 days, because she felt the work visa for H1B was decided to resign and Mr. investment immigration, "don’t always think about the question of whether smoking, how to maintain the visa success, save a lot of trouble." Wu Lu returned to earn a degree in Europe, due to the work of Mr. went to the United States, she also follow, "American education and the environment are good, very want to stay, I want to find a job." Wu Lu applied for a number of companies, found that many companies are reluctant to help foreign students to work visa, and she graduated from European University, more difficult. The Bay Area company promised to help her apply for work, but a few months later, Wu Lu was pretty scary, I realized that there are many details of the visa is very difficult. First of all, the work visa itself to draw lots of luck in which ingredients. The most important thing is that the visa requires the corresponding degree, the position has a minimum wage requirements. For example, some graduate, served as marketing work visa after the entry into force, annual salary of 60 thousand yuan (US $may be required, the same below), a monthly salary of 5000 yuan, but the boss could not open such a high salary, only promised to give 4000 yuan, 5000 yuan on the book for you, you have to return to the the boss 1000 yuan. And 5000 yuan salary corresponding tax, you have to pay faithfully, careful calculation found that, a month can not save a few money." Wu Lu said that the work visa approval, if there are changes in her job, again to the immigration application, if not approved, the visa will be canceled, facing the risk of exit, although you can find a lawyer to court, delay time, but it is the trouble." Recently, Wu Lu also found the company operating situation is not ideal, even facing the risk of collapse, after thinking it over, she decided to quit, and her husband together to apply for investment immigration, investment immigration project or 500 thousand or about 1000000 dollars, the most worried about is the authenticity of the immigration program, there are news reports that there are Chinese people cheated because before a waste of money. The most important is the early information search, such as whether it belongs to understand the investment projects approved by the government, we must find a reliable reputation of the lawyer." Wu Lu said, compared to the work visa uncertainty, investment immigration make people feel at ease, she know is: "every October immigration will release new places, if you apply for a temporary green card, to take the last two years, two years of investment projects no problem to get permanent green card, eventually need to get a green card five years time."

美国H1B签证申请难 华人无奈改办投资移民  为了绿卡或签证,不少华人很煎熬。奥克兰华人吴璐12日说,因为感觉办理工作签证H1B遥遥无期,她决定辞职和先生一起办理投资移民。(美国《世界日报》/刘先进摄影)  据美国《世界日报》报道,美国奥克兰华人吴璐12日说,她因为感觉办理工作签证H1B遥遥无期,决定辞职和先生一起办理投资移民,“不用老是想着是否抽中签、如何维持签证等问题,省去不少麻烦。”  吴璐在欧洲留学获得学位,因先生赴美工作,她也跟随过来,“美国教育、环境都不错,非常想留下来,我也想找个工作。”  吴璐应聘多家公司,发现很多公司都不愿意帮留学生办工作签证,且她是欧洲大学毕业,难度更大。最终湾区一家公司答应帮她申请,但工作数月后,吴璐心里直打鼓,慢慢体会到办签证中间有很多细节问题非常棘手。  “先不说工作签证本身要抽签,有很大运气成分在其中。最重要的是,签证要求对应的学位、职位有一定的最低工资要求。比如说某些研究生毕业的,担任市场营销方面的工作,签证生效后,年薪可能要求6万元(美元,下同)多,月薪5000元左右,但公司老板开不出这么高的工资,只答应给4000元,账面上给你5000元,你要退回给老板1000元。而5000元工资相应的税收,你却要如实缴纳,仔细计算发现,一个月存不了几个钱。”  吴璐表示,工作签证审批后,假如她的工作岗位有变动,还要再次向移民局申请,若不批准,签证就可能取消,面临出境的风险,“虽然可以找律师打官司,拖延时间,但总归是麻烦。”  最近吴璐还发现所在公司经营情况不理想,甚至面临倒闭的风险,思前想后,她决定辞职不干,和老公一起办理投资移民,“投资移民项目或50万或100多万美元不等,最担心的就是移民项目的真实性,因为之前也有新闻报导说有华人受骗,白白浪费血汗钱。最重要的是前期做好信息搜索工作,比如了解投资项目是否属于政府批准的,一定要找一个靠谱有口碑的律师。”  吴璐说,相比于工作签证的不确定性,投资移民让人觉得踏实些,她知道的是:“每年10月移民局会放出新的名额,如果申请到了,要拿近两年的临时绿卡,两年内投资项目没问题再拿永久绿卡,最终拿到绿卡需要五年时间。”相关的主题文章: