Guo Jingming called poke grand track poster to erase the name but speculation – Sohu director Aipi

Guo Jingming called poke "grand track" poster to erase the name but speculation – Sohu director Aipi culture channel data. Zhang Yun photo Beijing, August 29, according to Taiwan "China times news, Guo Jingming used his novels" the times "for the big screen series, and then will be adapted into a film called" grand track ", Fan Bingbing, Wu Yifan, Amber Kuo, Yang Mi and other popular stars, and devote himself to directing however, this morning he issued a document on the poster exposure film company that will" work "director Guo Jingming words removed, so he was quite sad, so angry bar publishers. Guo Jingming said this morning issued a document released in the "grand track" on the eve of pleasure found pictures Distribution Department, without his permission, will remove the "works" director Guo Jingming on the poster sent to the national cinema, let him call: "this is my signature right infringement and to my great do not respect", and Guo Jingming immediately telephoned to ask why, said this is the pleasure to weaken the label film Guo Jingming ", that there are many people who do not love Guo Jingming, afraid of the impact at the box office, let him very sad. Guo Jingming acknowledged that "many people hate", but he also believes that no matter how "grand track" all through the night to boil for 2 years, "maybe I really want a good shot, maybe my director level is limited, but anyway, it can not be denied me as the film director in the the reason, I have the right to sign in the movie poster, I have the right to tell others, this is my movie, watch the way has been displayed in the major theaters of the poster above, his name so mercilessly erased," I think it is very unfair, very bully ", although people support him seek justice for themselves, but also the netizen acid satirical Guo Jingming speculation. A few hours after posting, Guo Jingming cut from the paper and send new text, change an angle to write their own film in Nanjing hotel for 2 years, occasionally back home in Shanghai, was when a stranger dog barking, showing the extent of the hard film, and his emphasis on "grand track", film and music as CEO Zhang Zhao forward the new article, Guo Jingming wrote: "for four years, from the" time "to" grand track ", your hard work, your pay, every one of us to see in the eye," said LETV pictures "growth" in the continuous trial and error, are considered indirectly recognize wrong, so both goodwill and fans message, that should not only give the pat ", take concrete actions and recovery for the poster.相关的主题文章: