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Guizhou Textile General high-speed tunnel collapse accident trapped 7 workers were killed – Sohu news Beijing Guiyang in September 20,   (reporter Yang Qian Yang Guangzhen) 20 evening, the reporter from the general high speed fabric in the construction of the tunnel (the tunnel collapse) on rescue headquarters was informed that 7 workers trapped in the general high speed fabric the victims of the collapse of the tunnel construction, the remains have been found. About 15:29 on September 13th, is located in Bijie City, Guizhou Province Silver Village Zhijin County town of Pearl River reservoir, under construction in the fabric of the tunnel Pu high-speed tunnel left tunnel face collapse accident occurred, killing 7 workers working trapped. After the accident the first time to September 20th 12 when 8 minutes, after more than 700 rescue workers for 165 hours of uninterrupted search and rescue, the remains of the 7 workers were all found. The expert group, the reason of the collapse in the construction of the tunnel is the tunnel in the basalt and limestone interaction area, complex geology, karst vertical development, and surface connectivity, filling depth of 105 meters. Affected by the recent rainfall, in the process of tunnel excavation, a sudden burst of karst pipes, mud up to more than 2 cubic meters. The rescue process, the karst pipeline was built above a tunnel mouth and burst mud 11 times into the tunnel, the formation of mud bursting forward backward removal of seesaw state forward ", increasing the rescue difficult. Currently, the relevant rehabilitation work is carried out in an orderly manner.相关的主题文章: