Guangzhou Honda accord hybrid version or will be listed in September 28th (video)-super bass

Guangzhou Honda accord hybrid version or will be listed on the Honda accord Camry hybrid version into China after the name "accord in September 28th (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) sharp · hybrid", or the car will be listed in September 28th. Accord hybrid version equipped with a Honda SPORT HYBRID (Rui · hybrid) hybrid system (Honda i-MMD system), the official 4.2L 100km comprehensive fuel consumption. Accord hybrid version of the interior layout and basic gasoline version of the same, the biggest difference is that the new car uses a key shift design and NSX similar, abandon the shift lever structure, enhance the sense of science and technology at the same time the front space is more adequate. The high value of Yan top 2017 Honda accord Touring V6 interior official figure can see the hybrid version of the configuration, including a boot, multifunctional leather steering wheel, the control of a large size screen, dashboard added battery capacity and energy recovery information, other configurations include front seat ventilation heating, automatic parking, electronic in the car, and optional pure electric mode, movement mode and normal mode. Guangzhou Honda accord hybrid version equipped with i-MMD hybrid system by 2.0L, the Atkinson cycle naturally aspirated engine, dual motor, e-CVT gearbox, power control unit and lithium battery comprising. I-MMD system has three modes of operation, in the initial or traffic jams need low speed, the use of pure electric drive mode. At low speeds, it is converted to a hybrid drive mode. When cruising at high speed, it is converted to engine drive mode. In addition, when the vehicle braking, with start stop engine from starting and stopping device control, stop operation, save fuel, at the same time, the role is still a braking energy recovery system can provide additional energy for battery.相关的主题文章: