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Guangxi guy cheated Yunnan iron police rescue home – a small network of small Lu thanked the police to help. Wang Hongbin photo Beijing, Kunming, September 18, (Wang Hongbin Hua Hai) to persuade gullible friends, small Lu hope from Guangxi to Yunnan to work to earn money, the job was not looking for, even home expenses have become a problem. In desperation, he had to ask the police for help. In September 16th 15, the Kunming Railway Police Department police station police station in Chu-Hsiung Railway Station Qin Xu Yingfa entrance on duty, met a young man the police for help: "brother, can you help me, my money was cheated out of friends, now can’t go back home." Xu Yingfa police will hungry young men over to the office, through the detailed inquiry after that, 22 year old Lu from Guangxi County of Nandan Province, graduated from university a year ago after living in the home. At the beginning of September, the small Lu university students take the initiative to invite him to Yunnan to find work in Chuxiong, the small Lu agreed without demur. Came to Chuxiong, the enthusiasm of the students to arrange small Lu living in upscale hotels waiting for news, and received a referral fee. During this time, the students frequently with small Lu out of various types of entertainment, spending by small Lu payment. The morning of September 16th, the small Lu Hotel to expediting expenses, he found the money with his classmates have There is not much left. evaporate, unable to contact. Understand Lucas difficulties, deputy director Wang Rui and Xu Yingfa police bought two train tickets from Chuxiong to Kunming and Kunming to Nanning for it, and instant noodles, cakes, milk and other food, let the small Lu to Kunming and then take the T382 train back to Guangxi. (end)相关的主题文章: