Guangdong Media Kang ice into the country to serve Lippi Hengda both send money and send people (

Guangdong Media: Kang ice into the national football service Lippi Hengda both to give money and give [information] Lippi who took over the country foot proud salary by Hengda and FA shared Lippi have absolute autonomy – the Guangzhou Daily reporter Li Bin Guangzhou to create a super Hengda 6 consecutive Albert, general manager of the club Kang Bing resignation also spread like wildfire. It is reported that this is due to Kang ice Hengda Group in order to support the new national football coach Lippi, it will be served in the Lippi side "service" for many years to the national football team Kangbing served as deputy leader, in order to protect the national team of logistics. Coach the key responsibility of Xu Jiayin pushing Lippi success coach China national team, Guangzhou Hengda years of the implementation of the "manager responsibility system" will also be brought into the national team. Guangzhou Hengda integration of advanced management mode in Europe has been Chinese football legend, is also the team can success in achieving 6 consecutive and double AFC Champions League crown in 7 years, and "the manager responsibility system" is one of the key. Lippi accept the invitation of the Chinese Football Association, in addition to salary, the key is that the Chinese Football Association to allow decentralization, Lippi in the negotiations, specifically proposed the coach responsibility system". Lippi, head of the responsibility system, the first is the absolute right to choose and the football association leaders can not participate in the team’s internal work, including daily management, training and competition. This will obviously bring a major change to the traditional model of the foot of the country, the reform and development of the management system may have a landmark significance. Lippi and Cai Zhenhua’s bridge ice ice as deputy leader of the national team, it is a reflection of the absolute right of choice of the. "The leader" is the leading role in the Chinese national team, but in Guangzhou Hengda, "team leader" is the team’s "servant", "Administrator", responsible for supporting the coach in the logistical work, such as the young Wang Yunhao, Chen Guanning is such a role. Lippi chose Kang Bing, it is because of a long time in Guangzhou Hengda Hengda logistics work with the tacit understanding with the Lippi, and worthy of trust. Guangzhou Hengda in this sacrifice is enormous, one is Xu Jiayin lost one of the excellent managers of the club, Hengda in support of national team is money again; Kang ice itself is on the other hand, can give up the general manager of the club’s position and salary, is undoubtedly an admirable choice the. Kang Bing in addition to the national team in the logistical work to give full support to the team and the team of Lippi, he will also become a bridge between the team and the football association chairman Cai Zhenhua, chairman of the. Lippi in the national team has full autonomy, while the ice is responsible for the demands of Lippi and the communication between the.相关的主题文章: