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Guangdong Media: Luneng did not learn to face the pressure group competition can hold it? Luneng had a promotion should firmly win the game, is the second half performance panruoliangdui Luneng became thrilling pass, which is typical of the Chinese team (maybe it is outside the Chinese Hengda team). The game is 90 minutes, the AFC Champions League team more than one round, not more than three rounds, but the six round, many Chinese teams have now do not understand these two simple principles. Think of the super team performance in the last year AFC Champions League the start of the first round of four team victory, fans thought that it is a sign of the rise of the super team, had not thought is cop-out, and ultimately only Guoan Hengda Group, Guoan stop there. A mature team should know how to reasonably distribute the fitness in 90 minutes, how to have the same fighting ability in the first half and the second half, how to keep stable in the whole season, and how to do nothing in the six group matches of the AFC Champions league. Luneng’s performance in the first half of the day was very bright. Yang Xu and Tardelli scored two goals neatly, Monti was in a state of courage, and the defensive line almost never made any mistakes. But in the second half, it became familiar again, and Wang Yongpo didn’t take the cards. Is this the first time Chinese players have lost their team in the intercontinental games? The last time it was after stirring, AFC Champions League qualifying group phase facing J League champions Sanfrecce Hiroshima, faced with tough FC Seoul, often featuring the role of dark horse in the face of buriram united, the same situation, Luneng still can withstand? This is not the first time the Chinese team did this. The first round of the U23 Asian Cup, the Olympic team did not play the same pattern? Sometimes it’s not difficult to be amazing, but when facing pressure, when the situation is suppressed, when the situation suddenly occurs, how to play, many Chinese teams still do not learn.

粤媒:鲁能没学会面对压力 小组赛能顶得住吗? 鲁能晋级   原本一场应该稳稳拿下的比赛,被鲁能上下半场判若两队的表现变成了惊险过关,这是典型的中国球队(或许应该说是恒大之外的中国球队)。比赛是90分钟的,亚冠小组赛不止一轮,不止三轮,而是六轮,很多中国球队到现在都搞不明白这两个简单的道理。   想想去年中超球队在亚冠开局的表现,首轮四队全胜,球迷以为那是中超球队崛起的迹象,不曾想又是虎头蛇尾,最终只有国安和恒大小组出线,国安也就此止步。   一支成熟的球队应该懂得如何在90分钟内合理分配好体能,如何在上下半场都具备同样的战斗力,如何在一整个赛季保持稳定,如何在亚冠六场小组赛里不大起大落。   鲁能在昨天上半场的表现让人眼前一亮,杨旭和塔尔德利的两个进球干净利落,蒙蒂略状态回勇,后防线几乎没有犯任何错误。但下半场又变回了熟悉的味道,王永珀无谓地拿牌,这是中国球员第几次在洲际大赛中让球队减员了?最后时刻后防惊心动魄,这还是亚冠资格赛,小组赛面对J联赛冠军广岛三箭,面对强硬的FC首尔,面对屡屡担纲黑马角色的武里南联,同样的局面,鲁能还能顶得住吗?   这可不是中国球队第一次这样了,不久前的U23亚洲杯首轮,国奥队不也踢得有模有样吗?偶尔惊艳不难,但面对压力的时候,局面被压制的时候,突发情况出现时该怎么踢,好些中国球队还是没学会。相关的主题文章: