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"Good brother" train seat "pilfering" steal – rod box Beijing News October 14th reported that life in the spring on the train even stole the goods of others, will not be arrested, "good brother" and "Hometown" will take the initiative to talk, and the "good" seat, then take off the "Hometown" trolley pilfering". 8, thought nothing "kind of big brother was finally arrested. In February 4th this year, 22 year old Wang Longjiang passengers to buy a ticket for standing room from Hangzhou back to Harbin to celebrate the new year. Due to the very large number of passengers on the train, Wang on the number 5 car and the junction of the number 6 car, ready to sit on their own pull box has been to get off Harbin. When a 50 year old man who lives in Shenyang, said many times to the junction of the car smoke and take the initiative with Wang Wang believes that we are all to the northeast, then slowly and the Shenyang big brother well up. In February 4th 10, when the train arrived in Shenyang North Railway Station, the Shenyang big brother said he will get off, No. 42, No. 5 car seat to Wang, Wang to the "good brothers" thanks again and again, when the train arrived at Shenyang North Railway Station soon, a holding the seat passenger ticket to Wang and Wang had to return the junction of the car. At this time, he found own trolley actually take wings to itself. He hastened to ask the passengers around, the original pull box was actually chatting with him, good brother took away. See light suddenly rushed the police wang. In October 8th 18, Harbin Police after several twists and turns, will eventually be "good brother Liu captured. According to Liu account, in February 4th of this year, he was in the Z177 passenger train No. 5 and the junction of the car No. 6 smoking, see no seat passengers sitting on the trolley box. He believes that many people crowded during the Spring Festival, even if the stolen goods of others, will not be caught by the police, then the spur of the moment, active and Wang talk. When it is in the Shenyang North Railway Station and get off, take the initiative to seat to Wang, and persuade the car crowded, will stay in the junction box when you get off the car, while Wang’s "hooking rod box". Currently, the suspect Liu has been detained by the Harbin public security bureau. (Luan Deqian)相关的主题文章: