Get Away From It All On A Sailing

Cruising-Sailing Sailing vacations are terrific getaways for both the novice and the experienced sailor. Think about all the open water in the world, and you’ll realize how many places there are to sail. One beautiful and popular destination, is the Pacific Ocean off the coasts of Washington state and British Columbia. You can learn to sail among the breathtaking San Juan and Gulf Islands. From May to October you can learn sailing in these waters for about $950. A certified instructor will teach you the fine points of sailing. The San Juan and Gulf Islands are amazingly beautiful and the many sheltered coves will greet you with their stunning geography. This area of the Pacific is often referred to as the Pacific Northwest’s banana beltand for a good reason. The climate is mild and the scenery resplendent of a more tropical area of the world. While you are learning to sail you can enjoy several activities on shore such as visits to small villages, a beer at a local inn, stops at remote islands, and a luxurious massage at a local spa. If you keep your eyes open while you are sailing along you may be able to spot an Orca whale that is passing by since this area of the world is home to these amazing whales. Other wildlife that you should keep your eyes open for are otters, bald eagles, seals, porpoises, and other birds of the ocean. Be sure and find the sailing excursion that is just right for you. Wonderful ac.modations await you when you board a sailing craft in Washington or British Columbia. They usually sleep four people in two double cabins. If you choose to dine onboard rather than going to an onshore restaurant, your chef will prepare scrumptious meals for your enjoyment. This is the perfect ocean trip for the novice sailor preparing for bigger adventures in far off ports of call. If you would like something a little more tropical and foreign, think about the British Virgin Islands. It’s the perfect locale for honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic, adventurous getaway. The weather is sunny, warm and the Caribbean waters are the perfect place to swim off the side of your sailboat. Have a delicious lunch, and then nod off in the sun on deck. The British Virgin Islands will make for a vacation never to be f.otten. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: