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"German myth" burst? Foreign media: infrastructure more and more bad – Sohu finance has been the Chinese people generally believe that the quality of German products is good, "made in Germany" in China and even sought after as a myth". In fact, German manufacturing is equal to high quality? Foreign media gives a different answer. A welding workers are repairing between Germany Leverkusen and Cologne A1 bridge according to the CNBC report, due from Leverkusen to Cologne between across the the Rhine on the bridge has been unable to bear the weight of them, hundreds of heavy trucks on the road to the fourth largest city in Germany is slowly detour. This has become a common scene. Ernst · (Ernst Grigat); Gayle, operators of chemical facilities in the park the European chemical industry responsible person, business distribution in three industrial parks, one in Leverkusen. He said, "when you see the steel tear off the bridge, you will realize that the old bridge is badly in need of repair." Crumbling bridges and traffic jams are destroying Germany’s global reputation for efficiency. The infrastructure of Europe’s largest economy is slowly deteriorating as the United States has invested in the past few decades. Now, although the budget is tight, the German government is still trying to rebuild the country’s roads, bridges, railways and waterways, so it’s too late. 2006, in the world economic forum’s global competitiveness report, the overall quality of the German transport infrastructure ranked third in the world, and this year has dropped to the eleventh place, the United States ranked in the top thirteenth. Last month, the German Ministry of transport and digital infrastructure approved a plan to invest 269 billion euros ($300 billion) over the next 15 years to build and modernize the country’s infrastructure. The plan gives priority to the restoration of existing systems, and 70% of the funds are allocated for maintenance of existing facilities. "This will be the strongest infrastructure project ever built in Germany," said Michael, Groschek, Minister of construction, housing, urban development and transportation. Highway and railway bridge, cracks in the deteriorating infrastructure investment has forced Germany put on the political agenda, the United States presidential candidate Donald · and Hilary · Trump; Clinton had promised to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to rebuild U.S. highways, bridges and ports. "Like the United States, Germany’s roads, bridges and ports are getting worse," said Marcel Fratzscher, director of the German Institute for economic research in Berlin. However, in the two countries trying to rebuild the infrastructure of the national, state and local levels of government cracks. For example, the Brookings Institution researcher Adie Tomer said that in the United States, federal funds are often used for the national highway system, and local roads need emergency repair. "The interstate highway is in good condition, but in fact there are more problems with local roads," Tomer said. When it comes to funding, Germany also lacks coordination between the federal and local governments. Germany)相关的主题文章: