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A German airline staff collective "sick" grounded hundreds of flights – Jiangxi channel — original title: a German airline staff collective "sick" grounded hundreds of flights due to german airlines flying Tui (TUIfly) a large number of pilots and flight attendants on the former collective put forward on sick leave, resulting in the company’s 7 day 108 a flight is almost completely shut down. Under its influence, the German second aviation enterprises Berlin airlines also canceled about 50 flights a day from the Tui fly fly. On the same day, about 9000 passengers were affected by the storm. On the same day, Yifei announced that all flights taking off from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were cancelled in October 8th (Saturday) due to the current "personnel bottleneck". Berlin Airlines put forward the compensation measures in a statement: for the period from October 6th to 10, the flight was canceled the passengers change to the late December 15, 2016 flight, or refund. Yifei is part of the largest tourist group in Europe (TUI). Prior to this, deep loss crisis, layoffs in Berlin airlines had discovered is seeking and Tui fly reorganization, reason is Berlin Airlines shareholders adihade Tui to consider "jiepan". German media reported that the Tui 7 day event will occur due to the illegal strike, think this is aimed at the company’s plan for restructuring matters. German television 7 reported that the two sides held an emergency meeting on the same day in Hannover, the headquarters of Yifei, and invited the Minister of economy of Lowersaxony to take part in it. According to the results of the conference, the company’s management will decide that the time for the merger and reorganization of the company will be postponed from October 26th to the middle of November. At this point, the situation has been eased. Yifei said in a statement after the meeting that normal flights would be resumed from Sunday (October 9th). Deutsche pointed out that the practice of taking sick leave as a way of resisting capital has never been preceded in Germany, and German trade unions have never appealed to members to take such actions. It was reported in the report that German employers were unable to prove that their employees were not ill. In general, the employee is only required to notify the employer to be ill. The law, leave more than 3 days will need a doctor’s certificate. (reporter Peng Dawei) (commissioning editor Wu Ruo and Mao Siyuan) 德国一航空公司员工集体“病假” 停飞上百航班–江西频道–人民网 原标题:德国一航空公司员工集体“病假” 停飞上百航班 由于德国航空公司途易飞(TUIfly)大批飞行员和空乘人员日前集体提出休病假,导致该公司7日当天108个航班几乎全面停摆。受其影响,德国第二大航企柏林航空亦取消了当天由途易飞执飞的约50个航班。当日,共有约9000名旅客受到此次风波影响。 途易飞当天宣布,由于当前的“人员瓶颈”,10月8日(星期六)所有从德国、奥地利和瑞士起飞的航班全部取消。柏林航空则在声明中提出补偿措施:为10月6日至10日期间航班遭取消的乘客提供改签至最晚2016年12月15日的航班,或是退还票款。 途易飞隶属于欧洲最大的旅游集团途易(TUI)。在此之前,深陷亏损危机、不得不大幅裁员越冬的柏林航空被曝出正寻求与途易飞重组,原因是柏林航空大股东阿提哈德考虑请途易出马“接盘”。 德媒报道称,途易飞将7日发生的事件归结为“非法罢工”,认为这是旨在反对公司计划的结构重组事宜。 德国电视一台7日报道,劳资双方当天在途易飞总部所在地汉诺威举行了紧急会议,并邀请下萨克森州经济部长参与。该公司管理层会后表示,根据会议的结果,决定该公司未来合并重组重大事项的时间将从10月26日推迟到11月中旬。 至此,事态已得到缓和。途易飞在会后发表声明称,从本周日(10月9日)起将恢复正常的航班运行。 德国之声指出,以休病假作为抗拒资方的做法在德国“还从未有过先例”,德国工会亦从未呼吁会员采取此类行动。该台在报道中介绍,德国雇主无法证明雇员没有生病。一般情况下,雇员仅需口头通知雇主生病即可。法律规定,病休3天以上则需要医生证明。(记者 彭大伟) (责编:吴若、毛思远)相关的主题文章: