Geely vision SUV singled out the Baojun 560 budget to buy one hundred thousand (video)-sweets parade

Geely vision SUV singled out the Baojun 560 budget to buy one hundred thousand? Some time ago, Geely launched the vision SUV brighten as Geely GX7 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) replacement model, it is located in Geely imperial GS and Bo more, 100 thousand yuan price of good faith. Coincidentally, in the one hundred thousand SUV models, Po Chun 560 is also a high cost models, from this point we can see that in the sales list. So the question is, for the budget only one hundred thousand yuan consumers, geely vision (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) SUV and Po Chun 560 which models more worth it? We’re just exploring. SUV drive geely vision contrast models appearance appearance summary: from the two car appearance, geely vision SUV design than the Baojun 560 more refined, this will be more pleasing to the user. From the two car appearance configuration, geely vision SUV is more abundant, but optional keyless entry system, this is a little regret. Interior aspects of the interior summary: from the interior point of view, geely vision SUV slightly prevail, excellent design so that it is full grade. In contrast, Po Chun 560, though the workmanship and materials is fairly good, but the overall interior atmosphere as the auspicious prospect SUV. In the security configuration, SUV is superior to the auspicious prospect, it heated front seats, automatic air conditioning configuration for the occupants to provide convenient. Summary: in the space space space contrast, Po Chun 560 obvious advantages, thanks to its body size (length, width, height 4620*1820*1750mm, wheelbase 2750mm). In addition, many say, Po Chun 560 performance space is at the same level models the opponent, this car is one of the core selling point. Summary: power power from the engine parameters, Po Chun 560 prevailed, but this time in contrast to the model with manual transmission, the congestion of the city road, no automatic transmission is more practical. In addition, Po Chun 560 assembly of the multi link independent suspension, which means that it’s comfort to be better than the auspicious prospect SUV. Summary: after a comprehensive comparison, we recommend the Baojun 560. First of all, Po Chun 560 top models than the price of 7100 yuan cheaper geely vision SUV, cut down the cost of funds can keep a car for days. Secondly, Po Chun 560 more space, more practical. The last is power, although the two car performance is not strong, but the Baojun 560 1.5T engine power reserve better, and multi link independent suspension increases the driving comfort. (CNC)相关的主题文章: