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Galaxy S8 Savior: optical fingerprint identification guards – Sohu [news] China digital mobile phone Samsung Note7 in bombing all over the world after the high-profile exit, leaving only a pile of vacant fans need to recharge the faith. However, this accident also let Samsung has been hitherto unknown blow, brand image has plummeted, many consumers have said they would not buy Samsung mobile phone. The new flagship Samsung need to reverse the decline. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 is charged with the Savior of the responsibility, take out what black technology seems to be difficult to allow consumers to buy it. Today, @ Master: Samsung mobile phone chip broke the news that S8 will be the first to use optical fingerprint recognition, fingerprint recognition of non conventional capacitor, in the mobile phone front, can not see the fingerprint identification key entities, the current yield is not very good, but the distance of production as well as 3 months can be overcome! Although looking at the millet with ultrasonic fingerprint is very similar, but it seems to be a lot more high-end, there are technical problems to overcome. At the same time, micro-blog also broke the news from the S8 release there are three months time, it seems that S8 will be able to meet with us next year. I do not know next year’s "recharge card" is the face value, enough to restore the hearts of fans?相关的主题文章: