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The Milky Way futures market: the focus switches meal stronger shocks clients view the latest market, a basic point of view in August, soybean is in a critical period of growth, then the market has not been speculation from the weather. Although the inside and outside the plate beans in August to shock rebound in the market, but the market rebound kinetic energy from the United States soybean export demand. August supply and demand report data straddle mixed, old stock dropped, the new yield increase dramatically, the market for new speculation themes in the tangle. U.S. inspection teams began to crop inspections, feedback from the past few days, the state of the situation is different, but the United States soybean growth as a whole is good, yield potential is better. From the current market focus, is still around the export demand and new production, 1000 cents or recent market hovering position; for the future of the output data of the market is still more attention, although USDA make one-step data to adjust supply and demand report in August, the biggest negative seems to be released in advance, but we believe that in the production of completely determined, new concentrated market supply pressure, still need to release the price. In the United States fell nearly 930 cents, by the strong support, the recent beans imports, the domestic press authorities to stop the phenomenon more, soybean spot supply. 8-10 months, seasonal soybeans to Hong Kong is less, the downstream feed enterprises and replenishment needs, expectations can be maintained a strong spot. At present, mixed meal empty factors temporarily with the trend in the market, from the trading point of view, concerned about the impact of direct spot, the short term can try to do more dips. Two, market review in August, before the change of internal and external disk beans pullback, to shock rebound, although the market failed to get dry weather hype boost, but the impact in the U.S. soybean export demand good, stable prices rebound. With the United States producing good weather continuity and maintain excellent U.S. record highs, the disk weather premium are compressed. August supply and demand report data a substantial increase in new production is expected, the U.S. soybean index futures does not adjust anti inflation shock rebound to 1020 cents per line, but the new supply pressure eventually need to release through the disk, and with the continuous reduction of beans commodity fund net more than a single price, again under the broken thousand cents mark. Soybean meal contract index this month showed a weaker stronger influence in the United States soybean oil, soybean meal showed month low of $317.8 be cast into the shade, short. In China, oil meal significantly as the outer disk like Liandou xianyanghouyi trend, out of the market, but the State Reserve soybean Auction Week, spot market and the continuous flow of Southern new bean market supply increases under the influence of Liandou uplink space is very limited limited; but the rainfall 7-8 month in Western Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia local area was significantly lower than the same period in history, cause the area of drought reduced concerns, or later will become the main theme of speculation prices rebound upward. Soybean meal trend is weak, on the one hand, influenced by the strength of the outer oil meal, a double effect of inventory pressure and poor downstream demand, the price is still in the stage of low. Figure 1:CBOT soybean contract index on K-line trend index Tutu 2:CBOT soybean meal contract.相关的主题文章: