Fu Weiting Yellen Hawk is expected to heat up gold powerless against blow rainism

Fu Weiting: Yellen Hawk is expected to heat up gold powerless against blow clients view the latest market on Wednesday (August 24th) the United States COMEX12 month gold futures prices fell $18.80, or 1.40%, to $1327.30 an ounce of gold fell to lows around. U.S. COMEX9 silver futures closed down to $18.50 ounce. Because the market for Yellen speech at the meeting Jackson Holzer hawkish is expected to heat up. COMEX most active December gold futures on Wednesday (August 24th) the turnover increase, a minute volume of 12173 hands (about $1 billion 620 million, a large number of selling) spot gold selling single fell collapse of nearly $11. Spot gold closed down 1% at $1324.66 an ounce. Spot silver fell for fourth consecutive days, down $18.55 to $1.2% an ounce, the lowest intraday decline of $18.51 since June 30th. As Friday (August 26) Jackson Hall conference approaching, the market will focus on all the inputs to the speech of Yellen. In view of many Fed officials including previously fed vice chairman Fisher, have issued a hawkish remarks, the market is expected to Yellen’s position is also expected to be hawkish. ANZ research team said: "if Yellen joined their colleagues demanding tighter demands, it may become a source of market turmoil." Overnight, after all the way down, there is a continuation of the 1334 midway rebound near the falls, and has been in a slow decline downward trend, and there have been a big rebound, the downward continuation of the Yindie great probability, rebound pressure on the point of the last bounce as pressure points, as long as you don’t this position can be broken to empty gold disc, always positions to the matching period in Europe, that recently I have been in the vicinity of the 14-15 point mentioned, see will continue to fall, did not continue to adjust. Real time online guidance V letter AE1340 disk disk continued decline. Crude oil, continue to rebound after bearish, the ideal is that EIA data is bad oil prices, although the rebound only to 47.7 less than expected 47.8, but after the data came out in the 47.20 or 10 empty single positions, the average fell mean prices also continue to explore the space, weekly support within the limit of 45.50 the scope of the 5 supporting points, 10 weekly usher in a small level of the rebound, the daily is just the opposite, the 5 and 10 day moving averages all hook head down, the pressure in the range of 47-47.20, with 47.60 as a defense to Cipodi market. Thursday: 1: gold rally 133132 empty, stop on the 1337 position, see below 1323-1320, Powei holds. 2: Silver continues to remain short of the idea of today’s rally 18.6-18.63 high position in the morning empty, stop at the top of the 18.8, the target 18.30-18.28 area. 3: crude oil rebounded for the first time to see the scope of the 47-47.20 empty, stop.相关的主题文章: