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UnCategorized There are so many wonderful things about Christmas such as family getting together, presents, great food, holiday atmosphere, and one of the most overlooked, crafting. This is definitely one of the best times of the year for crafts, especially since you can make them for the Christmas tree as ornaments. Using simple pipe cleaners and acrylic beads, extremely unique and easy to make ornaments can be made. This craft can be done by small children as well, so nobody is left out. This is an excellent plan to have for having the family together and everyone can pitch in. To start off you will need to collect the materials, in this case different colored pipe cleaners and acrylic beads. There are two types of beads that work great for this project. The first one is a sunburst bead, they also have many other names such as the snowflake bead, starburst bead, or paddlewheel bead. They are fairly .mon, and have six paddles going outwards from the center that look similar to a watermill. These are very unique because they create an interlocking pattern when they are strung together. The second bead that is very effective for this project is the propeller bead or tri bead. With three rounded bumps around the stringing hole, they also interlock just like the sunburst bead. With a .bination of the sunburst and propeller beads, you will be able to create a very attractive ornament. Colors that can be used are green, red, and clear; which will look very nice on the Christmas tree and to match the color of the holiday. While pipe cleaners can be found in just about every color possible, there are a few re.mended colors that will look the best when it is finished. This is because even though the beads will cover up the pipe cleaners, the ends still need to be twisted into hangers, thus you will be able to see the color. A selection of holiday colors along with metallics should be great to work with. This craft is simply for everyone, so you don’t need to worry about small children not being able to participate. Make sure that the pipe cleaner end is bent up, so when you string the beads on, they don’t automatically fall right off. Of course, children will do their best to string every bead possible on the pipe cleaner. Show them how to alternate colors and beads to make a colorful and unique pattern. What makes pipe cleaners really interesting, is that while you are crafting, you can also bend the shape of the pipe cleaners into whatever you like. While some shapes may be more challenging, a candy cane is one that can be done by everyone. Also, you can take a standard circle shape and string alternating red and green beads to create a wreath. You can also utilize the pipe cleaners as a way to make bows for the wreaths as well. Next, all you have to do is make a hanger at the top end of the pipe cleaner and your ornament is ready to go. Another idea that is a little more challenging for ornaments is taking silver pipe cleaners and clear beads, and making shiny stars or snowflakes. In order to obtain a snowflake shape from a pipe cleaner you will not be able to use the beads as the bending process will be too hard to ac.plish. Creating these crafts are not only fun because you get to make ornaments, but it is a great way to socialize within your family and bring them even closer together. Both children and parents will love to see their ornaments being hung year after year, as well as the new ones that are made in the future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: