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From Maddie to Chinese Mutombo anger hit players, classic action or approval end – Sohu sports NBA on the battlefield is never a lack of gunpowder, if not the league rules forbidding, this field still do not know how much blood and tears to flow, and many players have also learned how to release their emotions in silence, for example, from behind the curse you say it too much, you shake your finger it too much, after all, there is no personal attacks, just soundless and stirless. But since the Mutombo shake a finger in front of Jordan, the League began to prevail the crackdown this is insulting action, although very aggrieved Mutombo said it is his celebrated action only, but the league is still duty bound to put it as a technical foul in the ranks. If it is not in the CBA League? For Maddie that once shook her finger, this action will likely keep in the memory of many fans, it is Qingdao to Beijing in a game, the Beijing team Ji? Into a three point ball in front of Maddie, immediately from Xinxinbaopeng, involuntarily to stand in front of Maddie shook his finger, Maddie felt a great insult, immediately also a guitar elbow, knocked on the ground?. Afterwards, received a technical foul of Maddie was not convinced, he believes? While shaking fingers should eat a technical foul, this is expressly in NBA. In spite of the subsequent arrival of 2013, NBA changed hands again, for that rule, but it is not only against the other player’s face shook her finger. In fact, different players have a celebration of their own means, so that uncle Mu is puzzled, why their own way to celebrate a technical foul? This may be related to the local cultural environment.相关的主题文章: