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Forty or fifty year old middle-aged people should also be wary of myocardial infarction after the founder of the spring doctor Zhang Rui died of myocardial infarction due to the founder of the spring rain Doctor Zhang Rui sudden death of myocardial infarction at 70 this morning, 3. According to public information display, Zhang Rui was born in 70s, Anhui, Renmin University of China Biology Bachelor, master of journalism. Former JINGWAH news, former news center director, former deputy editor in chief of NetEase. In October last year, Zhang Rui said in an interview, very anxious, he said, do not sleep well every day, at night before going to bed will be worried about how to do the chain of funds, and in the morning to play a spirit to encourage themselves. The spirit of pressure feedback to the body, one of the most obvious change is he on the temples all white, working years father said to him, this is the plant nerve disorder. Myocardial infarction, sudden death these sounds very distant words, in fact, not far away from us. More middle-aged people to cardiovascular physician clinical vigilance Mi PLA General Hospital Guangdong said, there are acute heart disease and cerebrovascular accident caused the death of the patient because the temperature dropped every year, especially in middle-aged men. The age of onset of cardiovascular disease in men was forty or fifty years old. Men of this age are usually more social intercourse, high cholesterol intake, coupled with smoking, drinking, pressure and other reasons, often buried under the risk of hardening of the arteries, but do not know. Sudden drop in temperature, the body will appear to increase hormones, adrenaline secretion and other stress response acceleration. Vasoconstriction, easily lead to plaque rupture and thrombosis induced, which lead to myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction. The Ninth People’s Hospital of Shanghai City, vice president Zhou Liming said, "young people burst after myocardial infarction is most often a large area cannot withstand a single blow, MI, extremely serious and deadly high probability." Stay up late and sudden death is not a small relationship between the Shenzhen emergency center, deputy director of the physician Guo Xiaoping recently clearly felt that sudden death cases are more and more, which mostly white-collar workers, and most suffer from heart disease. "If often at the computer all day, little exercise, a lot of people seem not what disease, suddenly died within 24 hours, in fact, are generally already suffering from heart disease or cerebrovascular basis of congenital malformation, excessive pressure suddenly died of rupture." Guo Xiaoping said. The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, Department of traditional Chinese Medicine Director Shi Xianfang said, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, staying up late and sudden death are directly related to the direct injury because of staying up late is human liver and kidney yin, liver and kidney injury directly affects the heart and in the human body, and his blood will focus up dark consumption, leading to heart kidney disharmony, and Qi for life activities of human power, excessive consumption is prone to sudden death. Frequent attacks of angina is a signal of Beijing Department of Cardiology An Zhen Hospital chief physician Chen Liying introduction, myocardial infarction occurred within one month before, angina will occur frequently and the pain has obvious change than before, such as walking a mile before now uncomfortable, walk 200 meters the heart can not stand, even in quiet will also attack; pain lasted for a long time before the attack, the attack time is 5 minutes, now in more than 20 minutes; inducement changes — which shows that the coronary artery stenosis, spasm, coronary plaque instability, easy to burst.相关的主题文章: