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Former Apple employee: iPhone 6 Plus defective should recall the Sohu digital mobile phone China [news] according to foreign media reports, @WSFA 12News, a former Apple engineer stunned, he said iPhone 6 Plus defects in the release, apple Samsung should follow the practice of the recall of this product, however, Apple has this completely indifferent. IPhone 6 Plus scintillation screen should recall the engineer said, often have iPhone 6 Plus users find their mobile phone screen flicker, and spend hundreds of dollars to replace the new screen, but the actual situation is not the same with the imagination, the problem is not the screen, but the main circuit board, because the fault that caused the screen flicker. There have been a large number of users encountered such problems, a maintenance center boss said that every day he will receive 3-4 continuously flashing screen iPhone 6 Plus, the engineers think Apple should recall the mobile phone in the global scope, but these problems did not attract media attention.相关的主题文章: