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Fashion-Style A woman enters the most beautiful phase of life with motherhood. This phase starts, the moment she conceives a child. There are many changes both emotional and physical that she experiences in her journey towards motherhood and one such physical aspect is a baby bump. Although, this is a beautiful feeling as far as emotions are concerned and also to some extend with the physical aspect also. But a concern that could affect a woman bearing a child is to dress aptly for various occasions and more so for formal occasions. There are various designer as well as non designer labels and brands that have come up in the market to solve this problem of a woman who is entering a whole new world. The formal maternity dresses from various brands are labels are manufactured keeping in mind the sensitive side of a woman and to make her feel special and beautiful in this phase of her life as well. When you plan to choose formal maternity dresses, it is important to keep in mind what color you would choose for yourself. The color is very important because of various facts like the occasion, your body frame and the skin color. As we know that we are looking for formal dresses and thus it is recommended to play safe with solid colors such as black, deep blue and brown. On the other hand pastels would also look quite good as a formal wear. Another aspect in choosing the right color is your body frame. If you are big or broad, then wearing light shades in your pregnancy would make you look bigger. Therefore, you should stick to darker shades. On the other hand in the initial stages of your pregnancy lighter shades can still be worn but avoid lighter shades after second trimester. But if you have a thinner frame then you can experiment with lighter color dresses as well. Yet another aspect in selecting formal maternity wear is your skin color. Although this factor is not much of a concern in a normal scenario because if you have an attitude, it does not matter what color dress you are supporting irrespective of your skin color. But when you are pregnant there are various other aspects such as your extra weight, change in the skin texture etc and then when it comes to dress, you simply dont want to go wrong with that. Again in the first and second trimester, you can still risk experimenting with colors but in the final trimester, you should refrain from trying something bold or which does not suit your style. If you are fair skinned, then for formal wear, you can try out from solid colors to light or pastel shades. But if you are dark skinned, then stay away from very dark or dull colors rather pastels and white is a good option for you. Again a mid tone woman can carry of any color maternity formal dress with style and panache. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: