Foreign media Samsung suggested that South Korean users stop using note 7 phone zibba

Foreign media: Samsung Korea suggested users to stop using Note 7 mobile phone on September 11th news, according to foreign media reports, South Korean technology giant Samsung yesterday issued a statement pointed out that South Korea proposed to stop using Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone users, and to the nearest service center of samsung. As a result of defective batteries led to the phone fire and explosion, Samsung is recalling the phone. Samsung said in a statement, Samsung will provide users who submit Samsung Note7 rental phone and reiterated in September 19th will be available with a new battery new Note 7. Previously, the United States related security agencies on Friday urged users to stop using Samsung Note7 phone. The day before, Samsung held a press conference in Seoul, confirmed it would recall 2 million 500 thousand sets of Galaxy Note7 intelligent mobile phone has been on sale worldwide. Samsung mobile phone business person in charge of the high Dongzhen said, 10 in the Note7 market has been on sale will stop the sales work, and will delay the time to market in Britain and France and other major European countries. It is understood that this Galaxy Note7 phone just 19 months from the beginning of last month in South Korea, the United States, Australia and other countries in the world listed on the market, the recall time from the time of sale is still less than two weeks on the market. According to previous media disclosure, statistics show that 1 million Galaxy Note7 in the presence of 24 units is bad. However, Samsung Electronics this recall does not include china. August 26th, Galaxy Note 7 began in the Chinese market. September 2nd China Samsung Electronics officially released a statement, claiming that since September 1st the official launch of the Chinese version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not affected by the recall event, Chinese consumers can rest assured that the use of. Samsung pointed out that the state line version of Samsung Note7 battery does not exist security risks, the reason is the use of different battery suppliers, and therefore not in the scope of this global recall. For Samsung in the global recall of mobile phone at the same time, whether the state line version of the battery for safety hazards investigation, Samsung did not give a reply, in the national quality supervision and inspection and Quarantine Administration of the official website has not found the relevant announcement.相关的主题文章: