Foreign media attention to China to promote the aircraft carrier killer the strongest anti-ship

Foreign media attention to China selling "carrier killer": a new anti-ship missile network – the strongest in reference news network November 18 news media said, the 2016 Zhuhai airshow display CM-302 missile is as the world’s best export promotion of anti-ship missile. According to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website reported on November 8th, the missile manufacturer, state-owned China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) to promote the reason is — the whole supersonic missile flight, it can be launched from air, land and sea platform, and can attack role to play on the land. A report published by the Chinese media also confirmed that there is a close relationship between the CM-302 and the eagle -12 supersonic missile, which is currently being Chinese army. Allegedly, CM-302 is one of the largest missile by consulting exhibits in this year’s Zhuhai airshow. The report said, CM-302 range of 280 km, warhead weight of 250 kg, hit rate of 90%. CASIC claimed that the missile can be effective against large warships, such as aircraft carriers and destroyers, a single missile can make a 5000 ton warship scrapped. Although CM-302 provides almost no propulsion and flight details of this story, but it said the missile is flying over the sea in most of the flight time, the terminal will change action to break the defensive weapons on ships. Previously published reports show that the eagle -12 missile, the powered missile midcourse flight speed of up to 1.5 to 2 by Maher ramjet engine, the terminal can be accelerated to 3 or higher speed Maher. The missile is guided by satellite navigation (specifically through China’s Beidou satellite navigation system) to a target location, the target location can be updated through the data link. The terminal guidance is accomplished by an active radar seeker. Assume that the physical characteristics of CM-302 missile and eagle -12 missile is similar, then it is likely to be a large missile, about 7 meters in length, 0.6 meters in diameter, the weight is estimated at about 2000 to 2500 kilograms. Eagle -12 missile is believed to research from at the beginning of this century began, but it may come into service until the past three or four years. It was originally set to launch from the air, is mainly emitted from the detonation -6K, the aircraft wing pylons can carry at least 4 gold eagle -12 missile. Carrying double eagle -12 missile launcher vehicle model has been unveiled at the 2015 Victory Day parade. At the end of October this year, China BBS circulated a photo showing a gold eagle -12 missile is launched from a warship. (compile Feng Xue)相关的主题文章: