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The Hong Kong foreign aid is the pig fans of the "journey to the west" to understand the out of Ji’an to talk about the journey to the West sina sports ho on social networking sites! This foreign aid is eight simple! Down down down down down down: Yes, I said that the Hong Kong Shanghai Football Club of Ji’an’s foreign aid comrade. In recent years, the domestic netizens cherish the memory of childhood journey to the west, and this nostalgia is still infected with crooked nuts. Since then, after Marbury "political commissar", China’s sports sector has emerged a "known Chinese cadres", Xiao Bian very pleased. Specific deeds are like this: in the late night of January 29th, Shanghai port team foreign aid Ji’an, in their own personal Instagram (@Asamoah_gyan3) updated two "journey to the west" starring pictures. The news spread like wildfire China attracted onlookers audience: Ji’an is actually the China century 80s classic TV series "journey to the west" loyal fans. On the evening of 29, Ji’an first posted a pig who played teacher Ma Dehua photos, he wrote: "this is the" journey to the west "in the pig, you may have a glimpse of his face. He is old now, and he misses the days before." According to some conspiracy theory enthusiasts say, this photo heat transfer, the biggest winner is easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi it…… Subsequently, Ji’an continues to stick out a monk monk actor Chi Zhongrui and Sun Wukong’s actor Liuxiaolingtong stills photos of life, which made his foreign fans surprised. Some people say, "Wow, I thought only Chinese people would like this play."! Pleasantly surprised!" Some people suggest, "the next time you score, you can do a monk Sun Wukong’s classic action." It is reported that Asamoah is · the Ghana national team captain, 2012 -2014 on behalf of the United Arab Emirates Club Al Ain 65 playing field scored 73 ball, and won the golden boot and AFC Champions League AFC’s best foreign aid in 2014. In July 2015, Shanghai port club announced that it would sign Ji’an with a high transfer fee of 12 million euros. "Journey to the west" is a company with 80 parts, 90 growth of classic drama, but the "journey to the west" has also entered the Garner people in Ji’an in the childhood, contrary to our expectations at the same time, also let us not help but on 80s the last century classic heart full of pride and moved. (observer nets, water, water, Qiu, Lai, tiger, Instagram)

上港外援是猪八戒粉丝 对《西游记》理解给满分 吉安在社交网站上谈论西游记   新浪体育讯  嗬!这个外援八简单!↓↓↓↓↓↓↓   是的,我说的就是上海上港足球俱乐部的外援吉安同志。     近日,国内网友齐齐怀念童年时期的《西游记》,这种怀旧向竟然还感染了歪果仁。自此,继马布里“政委”之后,我国体育界又涌现了一名“知华干部”,小编甚感欣慰。   具体事迹是这样的:1月29日深夜,上海上港球队外援吉安在自己的个人Instagram(@Asamoah_gyan3)上更新了两张《西游记》主演的图片。消息不胫而走引得中国观众纷纷围观:吉安居然是中国上世纪80年代经典电视剧《西游记》的忠实粉丝。   29日晚,吉安先是贴出了一张猪八戒扮演者马德华老师的照片,他写道:“这就是《西游记》中的猪八戒,可能你们都没有一睹过他的真容吧。他现在老了,好怀念以前的日子啊。”   按照某些阴谋论爱好者的讲法,这张照片热传,最大赢家是易烊千玺吧……   随后吉安又继续贴出了一张唐僧的扮演者迟重瑞以及孙悟空的扮演者六小龄童的剧照生活照对比图,这让他的国外粉丝们都有些惊讶。   有人留言,“哇,我以为只有中国人会喜欢这部剧!惊喜!”也有人提建议,“下次你进球了可以做一个唐僧孙悟空的经典动作。”   据悉,吉安·阿萨莫阿是加纳国家队队长,2012年-2014年他代表阿联酋阿尔艾因俱乐部出场65场攻入73球,并在2014年荣膺亚冠金靴和亚足联最佳外援。2015年7月,上海上港俱乐部正式宣布,以1200万欧元的高价转会费签约吉安。   《西游记》是一部陪伴了大部分80、90后成长的经典剧作,但是《西游记》居然也走进了加纳人吉安的童年,这在出乎我们意料的同时,也让我们不由得对这部上世纪80年代的经典之作心生了满满的骄傲和感动。   (观察者网大水水邱荔综合虎扑、Instagram)相关的主题文章: