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For $100 million A round of financing, the robot system with what? The small table technology – Sohu + New Media Editor Xi Xiangde abstract? Since its establishment in November 2014, ROOBO has invested around a dozen foreign robot team in the world, at a cost of billions of dollars? With the development of ROOBO + cooperation, initially established including hardware and software, artificial intelligence, speech recognition, etc. the chip robot industry system see Liu Yingbo when he is nervous in rehearsal, light under the irradiation of the speech was a bit nervous, but with excitement. Two years ago, was a co-founder of the Liu Yingbo Iron Chef shook with the company merged with Yin Fangming (the first 360 mobile phone assistant, portable WIFI founder) and Lei Yu (the former 360 security guards responsible person) the creation of an intelligent robot system and hardware companies — ROOBO. In September 21st, he decided to publish a series of achievements in the past two years, including children, pet dog pudding robot robot, VR machine and other products, and announced that it has received $100 million A round of financing, lead investor side iFLYTEK, with the cast party is a listed company, and the capital of Shenzhen. From six or seven to start, now more than and 300 employees; from the early find the positioning of the robot system and service platform, ROOBO took a completely different with other robotic company or Hard Suits Inc of intelligent road, of course, also through a lot of pit. ROOBO in the end what is a company, but also by virtue of what access to capital recognition? This should start from the beginning of 2014. Another way to play Liu Yingbo is a serial entrepreneur. At the beginning of 2014, was a famous delicacy is brewing is beautiful application of Iron Chef shook said merger, the latter at very low cost to get the Iron Chef shook his team. Co founder Liu Yingbo has no interest in joining the beauty, said, this thing can not do it, I have no meaning." The next step in the direction of entrepreneurship? Liu Yingbo and Yin Fangming are looking for new opportunities often collide. They have a feeling, then do a App might not have what chance, intelligent machine bonus drop very much, App promotion cost is very high, most of the projects in this direction will be a close fight. On the contrary, the hardware may be a good direction, the 360 people to do the Yin WIFI feel very exciting. And the hardware to do, how to do, before the real establishment of the company, the founder of a number of experienced a long time to explore. They put the intelligent hardware to do his direction again, from several directions, leaving a few good direction, such as intelligent robot, VR machine, UAV etc.. At that time, they could choose a single product to do, and there are institutional commitment to investment. The problem is that several founders did not do a complex hardware experience, there is no relevant technology accumulation, and even the team are incomplete. They even merged with a team to develop the first generation of pudding robots. But soon they found that this thing can’t play, "this is an expensive thing, than the mobile Internet burn also exaggerated, but not soon.相关的主题文章: