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"Fengyun No. four" scientific experimental satellite will be in mid December this year, and number four meteorological satellite launch after the 2016 launch China Meteorological News reporter Lu Jian reported reporter recently from the national defense science and Industry Bureau in Beijing organized "Fengyun No. four" scientific experimental satellite project overall coordination meeting was informed that the plan in the middle of December 2016 launch "and number four" scientific experimental satellite. "Fengyun No. four" scientific experimental satellite is China’s second generation of geostationary meteorological satellite of the first star, the technical index and the European Meteosat, American GOES-R (satellite satellite will be launched in November this year) the technological level of the latest international geostationary meteorological satellite is. It can effectively improve the level of weather forecast and climate prediction, and enhance the ability of ecological environment monitoring by acquiring the multi spectral, high precision and quantitative observation data and images of the earth’s surface and cloud. Later, "Fengyun four" series of meteorological satellites will be replaced by "Fengyun two" meteorological satellite business, which is to ensure that the geostationary meteorological satellite observation business continuity, stability is very important. "Fengyun No. four" scientific experimental satellite loaded with multi channel scanning imagery radiometer, atmospheric sounding interferometer, lightning imager, space environment monitoring instrument packet payload. The atmospheric sounding interferometer and lightning imager are domestic launch for the first time, the former can realize vertical atmospheric detection, which can detect in our country and the surrounding area of lightning, then realize the monitoring and tracking for the strong convective weather, provide lightning disaster warning. Deputy director of China Meteorological Bureau Yu Xinwen put forward, "and number four" scientific experimental satellite launch represents the geostationary meteorological satellite of China’s renewal, is a big beyond, will play an important role in the prevention of meteorological disasters. On the one hand, the development and launching of satellites is very important; on the other hand, the use and management of satellites is also very important. He stressed that, in strict accordance with the norms to ensure foundation to promote the construction of five systems, we should attach importance to the management and coordination problems, standardize operation process, business management and business responsibilities, and timely sum up experience, to lay the foundation for the next step in the development of "cloud four" service star. Chief engineer of the national defense science and Industry Bureau, said Tian Yulong, Fengyun four scientific research test satellite is a symbol of space power satellites, from the design has reached the original idea. He suggested that the "Fengyun four" scientific research satellite has established a new platform, equipped with a new load, will achieve a number of new applications. To perfect to achieve the "three new", requires each team to enhance the sense of responsibility, strengthen communication and cooperation, deepening civil military integration and information sharing.相关的主题文章: