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Female pilot Yu Xu ashes this afternoon return home for 20 days (Figure) – buried in Beijing 17 days, Chongzhou City Sports Center, the staff is to set the martyr Yu Xu’s portrait, Yu Xu memorial activities will be held in Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Qin photography yesterday, people spontaneously came to mourn for Yu Xu today, Yu Xu’s ashes will return to the hometown of the martyrs. Go home, home folks who have been ready to meet the hero home. According to the Chongzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department said this afternoon, Yu Xu’s ashes will be brought back to Chongzhou by relatives, placed in the Chongzhou City Sports Center to accept the memorial. Today afternoon to the morning of November 20th 8, people from all walks of life to the Chongzhou City Sports Center Yu Xu memorial. The morning of November 20th 9, Yu Xu’s ashes will be sent to the Chongzhou martyrs cemetery burial, will hold a setting ceremony. Veterans to her is the pride of a soldier, had to send her an early winter morning, Chongzhou City Sports Center has been full of people together. Numerous people, until the night, are not dispersed. The ceremony to be held here is a great event for the people of Chongzhou. Although the memorial time today, but the crowd kept here yesterday in a continuous line, only to witness and participate in meeting the martyrs of the drip. Sports Center in the black curtain wind float, the staff was busy stage, showing, layout. No one to disturb, holding a bouquet of flowers to the public, quietly will take down soon, both sides of the hall filled with flowers. Two veterans from Jiguanshan came early in the morning, 18 days after the home that the ashes of martyrs, although far from the road, but they have come to discuss the trip, "she is the pride of a soldier, must come to see her!" The pilot came up your quasi middle school is the idol, how can I miss the Hou Jiheng Memorial and Zheng Liming came from Guanghan. The two is the Civil Aviation Flight University junior guy, wearing the uniform, carrying a bouquet of flowers, straight standing on the railing, watching the front being built Yu Xu hall. They are about to enter a career similar to that of Yu Xu. Hou Jiheng said, from high school, Yu Xu is his idol. These days, every one of the news Xu he did not miss. See Yu Xu Memorial will be held in Chongzhou after the news, Hou Jiheng and Zheng Liming spent several hundred yuan car, arrived early in the morning. For them, this trip is a must. Worship her for 10 years, how can not come to give her a ride. Her relatives for her grandmother in the home yesterday, in the city of Chongzhou is located in the village streets of Chongyang’s martyrs disc group 4 cemetery, the black curtain has been hanging on the walls, the ground has placed a large chrysanthemum. Towards the cemetery inside go, the left rear of the lawn, Yu Xu’s gravestone was placed there, engraved with 6 simple words, Yu Xu the tomb of the martyrs, waiting for the final ashes buried. This is Yu Xu’s desire to let her relatives, buried in the martyrs cemetery Chongzhou, away from the nearest place in the pro people. Yu Xu’s grandmother, cemetery distance less than 5 kilometers, yesterday, with sympathy, still in a continuous line. Yu Xu’s grandfather, Hu Mingkang and beyond相关的主题文章: