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UnCategorized Effective window treatment is an active ingredient of any interior design and plays a major role in modulating the mood settings of any room. While window dressing was limited to fabric curtains and tapestries till some time ago, the choices have expanded to a wide variety of materials and ideas with growing popularity for blinds and shades. Till recently, all kinds of window and door blinds were popularly bundled under the term ‘Venetian blinds’ in our minds. It was not until the window blinds entered the home scenario that we began to know the various finishes and designs of window blinds. Blinds and shades had long been the preferred mode of covering windows in offices and .mercial establishments because it served a purpose, which wasn’t a necessity on the home front. Most .mercial buildings are walled in glass or have large glass areas that might be opened periodically only for the purpose of cleaning and not for ventilation. But the home windows are usually opened or closed as needed for illuminating with sunlight and more so for the ventilation. Lately, home window designs are following .mercial styles and most often .e in the fixed or sliding type, because with climate controlled interiors it does not require you to open your windows for ventilation. On the home decoration front, wooden blinds and shutters are getting more and more popular perhaps due to its natural feel, finish and for the classic nature of wood. One reason for the popularity of wooden blinds is the timeless appeal of the classic elegance that it gives, which .pliments any other wooden furniture in the living or bedroom. But natural wood, even when it is chemically treated, has a tendency to absorb moisture and be.e damp. This negative aspect of the natural wooden blinds can be over.e by using high quality alternatives such as, faux wood blinds. With these blinds, they offer more durability than natural wood as it is made of a .bination polymer, wood and vinyl which makes it resistant to water, moisture and a lot of other natural elements. At the same time faux wood blinds are a fraction of what you would pay for real wooden blinds. Faux wood blinds while offering the rich natural grain and finish of natural wood also .es in a lot of different textures, thus giving you a wide variety to pick and choose from. They can be used to adjust your light and privacy settings just as effectively as wooden blinds, and are easy to clean, resistant to folding, cracking or peeling. Faux wood also offer effective climate control and can best .pliment your climate control setting irrespective of it being winter or summer. These blinds are the preferred and tested choice to be used for kitchen and bathroom windows due to their water and moisture resisting capabilities. With Faux wooden blinds all tones, from the lightest shade to the darkest brown are available. Also, they can be custom ordered to suit your size requirements. Don’t waste money on expensive wooden window coverings, save money by using faux wood and still have the look of real wood! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: