Fan Xin man Zhang Jizhong’s illegitimate child is very lovely, if he doesn’t keep me up (video)-autobots

Fan Xin man: Zhang Jizhong’s illegitimate child is very lovely, if he doesn’t keep me up [90 minutes] complete audio Zhang Jizhong wife open clarification will respond to rumors of Zhang Jizhong’s wife derailed interviewed entertainment news (the West) Tencent told the Tencent interview Zhang Jizhong traced his wife derailed entertainment son, about the spread of the Internet at the age of three Zhang Jizhong illegitimate child fan Xin man, admitted that he and their mother and daughter photos and photos of the people is not the rumors of the "little 31 year old girlfriend, Fan Xinman took out his mobile phone to reporters after the first glance quickly took back, the media do not want to expose the children, she also told reporters that they love their children, but also feel that this little boy cute:" if Zhang Jizhong regardless of the child, I will, I even stray dogs are adopted more than and 20, let alone a child." Now, fan Xin man every day rely on meditation to calm life, and is not willing to continue to struggle and Zhang Jizhong: "he is a garbage man, I don’t want to talk to him stir, the worst time came through." At present, and Zhang Jizhong divorce, fan Xin man are handed over to lawyers, she said even if he is not willing to attend the hearing. Xiao Qi and Zhang Jizhong will also fight the right of reputation lawsuit. Copyright statement: This article is exclusive Tencent entertainment manuscript, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: