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To reduce weight loss in autumn, we should choose 10 kinds of foods that are most oil scraped. People’s net Jiangsu window — the original title of people’s Web: Autumn weight loss, we should choose 10 kinds of foods that are most oil scraped. Recommending weight loss is not only to exercise more, but also to eat right. It is more critical to choose food than to eat less, so what is the best way to lose weight? Today, tell you about the 10 kinds of food that are the most oil shaving in the fall. Purple sweet potato purple sweet potato and sweet potato is inherently more "temptation", because it has higher selenium and anthocyanin content. Purple sweet potato contains a lot of anthocyanins, as well as rich mineral selenium and mineral iron, can help women to complement blood, often eat to enhance immunity and memory. Purple sweet potato also contains a large amount of dietary fiber, and eating a small piece can produce a strong sense of satiety, and the heat is also very low, so it is also suitable for the staple food in the age of weight loss. Purple cabbage Anne Hathaway announced the secret of losing weight is "eat lots of purple cabbage salad" after that, purple cabbage is simply the pronoun of the natural diet, it is rich in anthocyanins and vitamins and minerals, cellulose is not. Anthocyanin has a good antioxidant effect and is a natural antiaging supplement. It is also beneficial to patients with high blood pressure. Want to lean fast and no lack of nutrition, eat more purple cabbage will never be wrong. The purple of eggplant eggplant skin is derived from anthocyanin and glucoside, and the eggplant can be preserved by eating eggplant with skin. Eggplant is rich in vitamin P, which can enhance human intercellular adhesion, enhance the flexibility of capillaries, reduce capillary fragility and permeability, prevent microvascular bleeding, to maintain normal cardiovascular function. So eating eggplant can not only absorb the Proanthocyanidins in the skin, but also reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. TIPS: the eggplant is cold in sex and is helpful in clearing heat and detoxifying in summer. Long eggplant and round eggplant contain similar nutrients, but anthocyanins are mainly distributed on the peel. Therefore, the anthocyanin content of long eggplant is higher than that of eggplant. Asparagus asparagus is rich in amino acids, protein and vitamins, its content is higher than common fruits and vegetables, but also has increased the number of probiotics in intestinal tract effect, and can play the role of detoxification. If you are relatively poor banana body metabolism, it will be more likely than others to edema, especially for the calf, want to improve the situation, you can eat some bananas are rich in potassium, which can help the body of excess sodium excretion, if you really don’t love bananas, too you can drink some coconut water, can play the same effect. Let’s say goodbye to the greasy Chinese breakfast. They contain very high calorie, how can it make you have a perfect bikini figure! In contrast, in the morning, sprinkled a little bran on oatmeal is a very healthy way of eating, which can increase the intake of wholemeal fiber in the body. You know, as long as half a cup of oat is consumed, it provides five grams of fiber and seven grams of protein for the body. Papaya Papaya contains a variety of nutrients, including vitamin A, B, B1, B2, C and protein, iron, calcium, papaya enzyme, organic acid and high fiber, containing many nutrients, almost all the fruits in the king. Eating papaya can help digestion, relieve indigestion in the stomach and prevent constipation. Papain and papaya enzymes help to decompose protein in the body and establish a healthy acid environment and soothe the stomach. Pineapple contains very rich bromelain, papain like it contained in papaya, bromelain helps decompose protein and relieve digestion, for stomach troubles have very good improvement effect. Cereals and cereals should account for most of the daily staple food intake. Like other foods rich in fiber and vitamins, whole grain foods contain high fiber and help to promote health. Especially for the very prone to constipation and bloating people eat cereals can solve your troubles, at the same time to narrow the waistline. Yogurt for many dairy products will make the stomach bad digestion, but not always, you can through the ingestion of yogurt intake in dairy nutrition, you know, yogurt will help us increase the intestinal bacteria quantity, promote digestion, reduce fat feeling, if conditions permit, the best choice of organic yogurt and add some blueberries. (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin) 秋季减肥要选对食物 最刮油的10种食物推荐–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:秋季减肥要选对食物 最刮油的10种食物推荐   减肥不仅在于要多运动,还要吃的对。选对食物比少吃更关键,那么减肥到底是什么好呢?今天就跟大家来说说秋季减肥最刮油的10种食物。   紫薯   紫薯天生就比红薯和白薯更具“诱惑性”,因为它有更高的硒元素和花青素含量。紫薯含有很多的花青素,还有丰富的矿物质硒和矿物质铁,能帮女人补血,常吃可以增强免疫力和记忆力。紫薯还含有大量的膳食纤维,吃上一小块就能产生很强的饱腹感,热量也非常低,因此也适用于减肥时代替主食。   紫甘蓝   安妮海瑟薇公布自己瘦身的秘诀是“生吃大量紫甘蓝沙拉”以后,紫甘蓝简直就是天然减肥餐的代名词,它富含花青素和各类维生素和矿物质,纤维素更是没的说。花青素具有很好的抗氧化作用,是纯天然的抗衰老营养补充剂,对高血压患者也很有益。想要瘦身快又不缺营养,多吃紫甘蓝绝不会错。   茄子   茄子皮的紫色来源于花青素及其糖苷,带皮吃茄子就会令花青素得以保存。茄子还富含维生素P,这种物质能增强人体细胞间的黏着力,增强毛细血管的弹性,减低毛细血管的脆性及渗透性,防止微血管破裂出血,使心血管保持正常的功能。因此常吃茄子不但可以吸收到皮中的原花青素,还可降低血压和胆固醇。   TIPS:茄子性寒,夏季吃有助于清热解毒。长茄子和圆茄子所含营养物质相似,但花青素主要分布在果皮上,因此皮的面积比率更大的长茄子花青素含量更高。   芦笋   芦笋富含多种氨基酸、蛋白质和维生素,其含量均高于一般水果和菜蔬,同时也具有增加肠道内有益菌数量的效果,并且还能起到排毒的作用。   香蕉   如果你的身体循环代谢比较差,那么就会比其他人更容易发生浮肿,特别是针对小腿部位,想要改善这个情况,可以多吃一些富含钾的香蕉,它能有助于将身体内多余的钠排出体外,如果你实在不喜欢香蕉,那么也可以多喝些椰子水,能起到同样的效果。   水   告别油腻的中式早餐吧,它们含有的热量非常高,这怎么可能让你拥有完美的比基尼身材呢!相比之下,在早上往燕麦片中撒上少许麦麸是非常健康的饮食方式,可以增加体内全麦纤维的摄入量,要知道,只要摄入半杯份量的燕麦就相当于为身体提供了五克纤维和七克蛋白质!   木瓜   木瓜中含有多种营养素,包括维生素A、B、B1、B2、C及蛋白质、铁、钙、木瓜酵素、有机酸及高纤维等,含有的营养素之多,几乎可在众水果中称王。多吃木瓜可以帮助消化,缓解胃部的消化不良并防止便秘。木瓜蛋白酶和木瓜酵素有助分解体内蛋白质并建立健康的酸性环境,舒缓胃部。   菠萝   菠萝中含有很丰富的菠萝蛋白酶,它就像木瓜中所包含的木瓜酶一样,菠萝蛋白酶有助于分解蛋白质并缓解消化,针对胃胀的烦恼有很好的改善效果。   五谷类食物   谷类食物应该占我们一天摄入的主食量的大部分,像其他富含纤维和维生素的食物一样,全谷类食物含有高纤维,有助于促进身体健康。特别是对于很容易产生便秘及胃胀的人来说,多吃谷类食物可以解决你的烦恼,同时起到缩小腰围的作用。   酸奶   对于许多人来说,乳制品会让胃部不好消化,但其实并非总是如此,你可以通过摄入酸奶来摄取乳制品中的营养,要知道,酸奶会帮助我们增加肠道内有益菌的数量,促进消化,减少臃肿的感觉,如果条件允许的话,最好选择有机酸奶,并放入一些蓝莓。 (责编:黄竹岩、张鑫)相关的主题文章: