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Factions? Cai Yingwen Chen Ju took over the whole block to preserve the forest administrative team – Beijing Chinese Taiwan network September 17th news according to Taiwan "King" magazine reported that the Cai Yingwen administration took office in 100 days, the policy had no improvement, "Taiwan independence" to full ting Lin et al his brother, to step down a forest. In the original vibe, Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju will take over the cabinet at the end of the year; but Cai Yingwen was firmly in the name of Party chairman Lin, called "party and government" ruling counties "integration will be reported," forest fire suppression party. Outside the government, "the party reached a preliminary consensus, full force bowling" cabinet "old lunar new year in May next year, such as pension reform version came out, talk about the future. Despite public support, all will be denied as "Premier", but as the DPP nabatian Kaohsiung mayor Chen Ju, the mayor of the end of the term, not for re-election, although she was not officially retired, but who is the successor? Much attention. Kaohsiung city councilor Wu Yizheng confirmed that Kaohsiung mayor spread whisper, successor card battle has been ahead of war, all people under the table with time. The green camp was named for, including "British" on behalf of the people of Chen Qimai, Chen Ju, former deputy Green Committee Liu Fang, Xie faction, Guan Biling Zhao Tianlin, and the "Legislative Yuan" is also regarded as "Chrysanthemum" Lin Daihua. Between counties and even rumors, "Chrysanthemum" and "British" Joe failed, which leads to Chen Juzhuan as the "Premier" time delay, but Chen Ju refuted, and stressed that the party has a fair mechanism, candidates have to rely on their own to fight, whitewash stakeholders. However, people still with certainty, rumors have never broken. The so-called There are no waves without wind., rumors of four are bound to have their reasons behind. (China Taiwan net Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章: