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Business Face Forward was founded by couple Dr. Davis Alessi and Deborah Alessi. The mission of this non-profit organization is to help the victims of domestic violence in and outside America by providing them reconstructive surgery for free. Their aim is to help for the speedy recovery of the victims from the horrific abuse by erasing the marks that would constantly remind them of their awful experience. Face Forward also partners with some non-profit organization to strengthen their mission in healing the victims. They have teamed up with groups who also conduct free psychological therapy. Another rules is, the patient must return the privilege given by the organization by volunteering to do sincere service work for the other victims. To date, the organization headed by the couple is busy sponsoring galas in order to attract people to support their cause. Many have pledged, donated and others committed their time and effort in service. This support have increased in numbers and in fact, Hollywood talents like Vanessa Marcil, Dr. Lisa Masterson and Jaclyn Smith have made themselves part of this unselfish endeavor. Professionals like doctors, nurses and psychologists have also extended their help pro-bono. The couple believe that if each of us will just lend a hand to help these victims, many women and children will have the courage to come up in the open and will no longer silently suffer from pain and abuse for they know that there are people whom they can ran to and who will always be willing to help them, assist them to start a new and peaceful life. Face Forward is an assurance to the victims that they will not be displaced and condemned for their fate instead, they will be understood and will be supported by the organization by making them build their confidence and let them recognize and appreciate their self worth; that no one deserves to be mistreated and be physically and emotionally harmed. Support Face Forwards mission. Support the victim of abuse. A little help from you will go a long way to give an end to domestic violence. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: