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"Extraordinary" team five man poster dinosaur mech war 2017 Tencent brought entertainment news recently, jointly produced by Lionsgate and Dianguangzhuanmei pictures sci-fi action movie "extraordinary" ("Power Rangers" team, also known as the "Power Rangers") for the first time exposure of "dinosaur mecha" version of the poster. The poster, "extraordinary" five corps have extraordinary ability of players: Pink Ranger Kimberley (Naomi · Scott), yellow Warriors (Trini Betsy · G), blue warrior Billy (RJ· Sylar, red soldier (Jason ornaments) Dakelei · Montgomery Que Zach (Lin Ludi), Black Warrior decoration), or sitting or standing or lying, their body is long been shrouded in layers of mystery in dinosaur mecha. The dinosaur’s first exposure to the classic IP upgrade mecha blood return to the big screen of the exposure of the poster, although only expose the dinosaur mecha local details, but in the future, and sense of style, not only will the "extraordinary team" sci-fi action movie cool character highlights with the five most incisive, extraordinary Warrior armor color dinosaurs mecha and background sky more in red, blue and yellow, black, pink five colors, showing the unique qualities of five different fighters extraordinary, impressive. And these five colors represent, it is given to the super powers of the five soldiers of the mysterious power of the five. The first dinosaur mecha exposure, not only opened a long time, a lot of speculation on the Five Marine soldiers extraordinary mass dinosaur mecha, poster slogan "GO GO" is the meaning of rich, not only like five soldiers to convene the extraordinary team collective against the forces of evil, and as declaring the "extraordinary" lasted for this team 25 years, countless fans of the classic IP upgrade again, glorious return, people unlimited reverie. Four fresh blood was the youth version of super hero and 2017 in addition to this, as the "extraordinary corps" five soldiers meat actor, not only in the movie Avatar in dinosaur mecha, super ability against the evil warrior, in reality, they also represent the four countries. Among them, as the pink Ranger Kimberley Naomi · Scott from London; as the Yellow warriors is a pop singer Trini, latin beauty Betsey · G; as the blue soldier Billy is African American actor RJ· as Jason Seiler; red soldier, is an Australian actor · Dakelei; Montgomery; and the black warrior who plays Zach, Lin Ludi, is the first appeared in the Hollywood blockbuster Chinese Super hero. Collection of four fresh meat, vibrant, pressing youth cast, a sense of the future, and sense of the dinosaur mecha, not only let the "extraordinary corps" this classic IP, become a heavyweight sci-fi action in the spring of 2017 a large file and, more be paid pictures, following the United States Lionsgate has swept the world together to create "Caribbean shaking bandit" series of films, together together to open another blockbuster series, in addition to the classic film IP global audience base.相关的主题文章: