Express Buick double 11 Purchase of the first car to buy a tender ceremony ceremony-9c8836

Buick 11 pairs of the first to buy the freezing point of the car to buy a gift ceremony will be a pair of two, you are still waiting for what? Are you still frustrated that you can’t get the right product? Do not worry, express Buick eleven car ahead of the grab! From November 1st to November 12th, I shop for you to create the Buick express "double eleven snapped – freezing ceremony Car Buying polite activities, activity during the car customers can not only enjoy the double eleven Car Buying freezing point price, car top 30 can also get a bicycle. In November 12th eleven more special events, day activities into the shop to send gifts, participate in interactive games can win the game interaction ritual, car Car Buying can also get a mysterious gift, there are more surprises waiting for you, welcome you to attend! Activity time: November 1st -11 month 12 location: Beijing Boya Express; a variety of special offer car snapped by the 2016 flagship models 28T * keangkewei 2016 28T * GS2016 four-wheel drive luxury Weilang 15S automatic leading type. Weilang GS 2016 15S automatic aggressive promotional activities: Ceremony: into the store into the store? That is a free gift;? Car Buying ceremony: Car Buying enjoy holiday freezing prices, and obtain a mysterious gift;? Car: during the event the cumulative car top 30, namely by bike;? Financial gift: a variety of financial solutions, Car Buying easily without pressure;? Interaction Ritual: participate in interactive games to win the game interaction Li; Li: participation in the games? Dice game to win 100-1000 yuan Car Buying coupons; activity models: Buick all Beijing Boya Express; Buick 4S store sales maintenance customer service hotline: 010-67888855 010-67883666 address: Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone, North East Road, No. 1 b相关的主题文章: