Experts said the steel production capacity is expected to exceed the value of the steel price

Experts said that the iron and steel production capacity to the target is expected to be completed over the price of steel iron and steel production capacity to pick up more trouble to pick up more trouble to the price of steel capacity should not be a pressed "experts believe that the iron and steel production capacity to the target is expected to be completed over the past year steel prices index trend – reporter Ming Jie" the first 7 months of this year, iron and steel production capacity to only complete the annual task amount of 47%, lower than expected progress. Found China Securities newspaper reporter in the iron and steel production in the top two in Hebei province and Jiangsu province in the investigation, the placement of workers, the disposal of assets, debt restructuring and other "old trouble ridden at the same time, steel prices continued to rise to become the new iron and steel production capacity to the current troubles". In addition, in the process of promoting the production of iron and steel to produce a pressure of the problem is not strong and other issues also need to be vigilant. Many places in the Yajian excess capacity, without considering the actual situation of the enterprise market competitiveness, strong decomposition goal may weaken some legal compliance, enterprise good benefit competitiveness. Experts pointed out that, although the first 7 months to lower than expected production capacity, but the completion of the annual production capacity target problem is expected to be over completed. At the same time to resolve the excess capacity of iron and steel, we can not ignore the cultivation of the market competitiveness and sustainable development of iron and steel enterprises, improve the international competitiveness of the industry, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced capacity." Local conditions to promote capacity should be an objective look at the progress of steel production capacity. The State Council on the development of the iron and steel industry capacity to rescue the No. 6 document was issued in February, the ministries, local governments, enterprises during the first half of the main focus of the work in supporting policy formulation, task decomposition and communication link above. With the signing of the responsibility of the task, the establishment of the policy system, the work system, to go to the production capacity of iron and steel to enter the substantive progress, the main stage of assessment and supervision." Li Xinchuang of China Securities newspaper reporter said that although the first half of the progress of some lag, but throughout the year to complete the production target is Yajian, and is expected to be completed over the. The most important task of Hebei Province as an example, the first 7 months of iron and steel production capacity to progress below expectations, but Chinese Securities newspaper reporter from the office for the coordination of development industry in Hebei province "in Hebei Province in 2016 to defuse steel overcapacity monthly plan", is expected by the end of November, Hebei province will be the total elimination of 18 million 400 thousand tons of iron production capacity, 16 million tons of steel production capacity, and in May this year promised 2016 Yajian 17 million 260 thousand tons of iron, 14 million 220 thousand tons of steel production capacity plan compared to 106.6% and 112.5% respectively over the completion. Is only a single month in October, Hebei province plans to eliminate production capacity of 7 million 860 thousand tons of iron and steel production capacity of 6 million 800 thousand tons. At the same time, in the process to go around the potential productivity of an irresistible force, but also to prevent the "blanket" problem. Iron and steel production capacity to be combined with administrative means and market instruments. But in the current situation, steel prices are rising, and now is the "golden nine silver ten", added the expected support capacity, the price of steel to the end of the year is expected to remain strong. So only rely on the market to the production capacity is not realistic, to achieve the goal of the end of the production capacity, the need to rely more heavily on administrative means to promote. But according to the theory相关的主题文章: